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1-2-3 Bottom

1-2-3 Bottom Boxes are also Known as Snap Lock Boxes, These Boxes May Need a Bit More Time For Assembling But are More Secure Than Tuck End Boxes. Bottom Flaps are Interlocked With Each Other For Closure. There Is an Option Available For an Additional Flap at The Bottom To Achieve More Strength From The Bottom.

4 Pk Bottle Carrier

The special 4 PK Bottle Carrier packaging makes it so much easier to carry a pack of 4 beverage bottles around with their rigid, durable material and die cut precise bottle sized holes with a strong, lasting bottom layer. The rigid material holds the bottles in place and presents soft layers between their glass surfaces eliminating chances of bottles shattering upon impact with each other.

Auto Bottom Tray

Auto Bottom Tray is mostly used for display purpose in retail stores. Auto Bottom Tray boxes comes up with pre-glued formula which are easy to assemble and time saving. Mostly seen at store shelves or counter top displays.

Auto Bottom with Display Lid

These Auto bottom with display lid boxes are easier to assemble with auto lock at the bottom. The difference is that these boxes comes up with a little more space in display tuck panel lid and have a crease in the middle of the lid through which the lid can be easily folded up. The box can be folded in to flat shape and can be restored when stretched.

Full Flap Auto Bottom

These Full Flap Auto Bottom boxes are used to carry heavy weight items. The shape is similar to auto lock box but they are pre-glued. The bottom and the box its self can be folded down providing more space.

Handle Bag Shape Box

Get the perfect amalgamation of a bag and a box with the superior quality Handle Bag Shape Box from Digital Custom Boxes. Equipped with folded friction lock lids, these bag shaped boxes provide sufficient space for all your small to medium sized products from the technology, cosmetics, clothing, packaged foods or gift packaging industries. The easy grip handle die cut to perfect precise finish enables easy to carry around while not requiring a bag to put these in and you can have these customized in their printed designs or surface finishes. Avail our free printing, cutting, and shipping services on large bulk orders as well.

Seal End Auto Bottom

Providing auto lock bottom on one side and tuck end flaps on other side. More secured and easy to assemble. Can be used for multiple items and for heavy weight products. They can be folded down in to a flat shape and restored when stretched.

Six Pk Bottle Carrier

The Six PK Bottle Carrier packaging is your perfect solution for carrying around bottled beverages like sodas, beers, wine bottles or milk, etc.  Digital Custom Boxes offers highest quality carrier packaging that is delivered in compact folded form making shipping and storing much easier. We use high-quality durable materials and attractive accurate printed designs for your carrier boxes along with many different surface finish options.

Tuck End Cover

We use high-quality, sturdy materials that can be finished in many different surface finish options and can have any brand name or product branding printed right on their front or backsides. Select from different cardstock options and get your packaging delivered to your doorstep fast and free on large wholesale orders.

Tuck With Bellow Dust Flap Lock

For all the technology, cosmetics, and prepared foods products that would prefer not to be exposed to any dust at all in their packaging boxes, the perfect Tuck with Below Dust Flap Lock packaging from Digital Custom Boxes provides the best solution. These have a customary dust flap within the lid covering the products efficiently keeping them away from all the dust that might enter through the opening.