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Bookend CD Case

We use very high-end well-processed materials providing the widest range of unique, attractive packaging customizations promoting your brand and product efficiently and the book page style front opening provides beautiful styling and functional storage and removal of your CD products. When you have large bulk orders, we offer free shipping, free printing plates, and free cutting die equipment as well.

Four Panel Cd Jacket

 With four panels that can either be given just the one CD sleeve or two of them when required, these perfect disc packaging solution ensures maximum safety and security for your important data while not letting the discs fall our when closed because the openings are on the inner side of the panels.

Six Panel Cd Jacket

Can’t get enough printing space for your great new CD launches, the Six Panel CD Jacket from Digital Custom Boxes provides the perfect solution. With the option of more than one disc storage, these jackets are the most functional for all your critical and important data including movies, software, demonstration or educational discs.

Two Panel Cd Jacket

Digital Custom Boxes are disc jacket experts, and we deliver our wholesale clients the most affordable prices along with attractive bulk offers that include free shipping all over the USA and doesn’t add any extra costs like the printing plates or cutting die equipment costs to their invoices.