Eco-Friendly Boxes

Best and Finest Custom Eco-friendly Boxes

The world is evolving, as is every industry’s policy regarding their products. With our environmental conditions worsening at such a quick pace, almost all companies are getting worried over the utilization of our natural resources, which is quite a good thing. If you want to play a positive role and contribute to environment you should vouch for eco-friendly boxes. At Digital Custom Boxes, we produce the best and finest environmental friendly boxes at reasonable rates. We are committed and dedication to serve our customers in best of the ways. Our experience and premium quality work speaks for itself. We can make your idea a reality. Our experts are friendly, helpful and skilled in making it simple for everybody to share their requests and desires.

Undeniably the most Environment Friendly Custom Box in Premium Quality

At Digital Custom Boxes, we use the most eco-friendly materials available to produce bags. Other environmental friendly materials we use include soy-based ink, water-based coatings and breeze power. On top of that we own a huge recycling program. If you are looking for a top notch custom eco-friendly box then Digital Custom Boxes is the real deal. Our wholesale eco-friendly packaging comes in every imaginable shape and size. Whether it be a square, rectangle, pentagon, pinnacle etc. You just have to express your idea and let us do the magic. To top it all off we offer our service in an extraordinarily fast turnaround time compared to the rest of market.

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Bux Board Boxes

Customisable Bux Board Boxes

Products’ packaging is done with several different types of materials. However, bux board boxes are considered as the most appropriate packaging for delivering customers’ products to the retail market and taking care of household things. These boxes are generally ideal for the individuals who have huge delivery demands as the material of bux board is exceptionally solid which secures your products and offers great quality.

At Digital Custom Boxes, we make wholesale bux board boxes that can be transformed into any structure and shape you want for your product. Bux board is totally an environmental friendly packaging which can be tweaked in various unsurprising manners.

Our team of experts can guide you with various different options in case you want a personalised bux board box. Due to its rough surface texture, bux board boxes can be coated with gloss finished like gold, mate and silver to get a more tempting look.

Safe and Durable Bux Board Boxes

Our experts make best in class plans that are durable as well as safe and light to carry. You can approach us for a wide range of shapes and sizes for the custom bux board packaging. We believe that our customers deserve the best quality at an affordable price.

Therefore, you should vouch for our packaging not only because of our high quality packaging but for our incredible printing methods like heat stamping, embossing, debossing and our super-fast turnaround time. So wait no more and contact us to get a quote!

Kraft Boxes

Vivacious and Biodegradable Wholesale Kraft Boxes

Packaging is one of the most important aspect of any product. How a product looks matters a lot. Boxes are made with several types of material but Kraft stands out to be the most preferred kind of material for packaging because of its biodegradable property. Kraft Boxes are also desired because of their immense flexibility, strong durability and sturdiness.

Initially Kraft boxes used to come only in brown color but thanks to modern advancements, Kraft boxes can now be designed in any vivacious color. At Digital Custom Boxes, we provide you with well-crafted custom Kraft Boxes not only in every color your desire but in every shape and size as well.

Our latest offset and CMYK printing methods bleach out the brown color entirely and give them a look so enticing that your customer are left in a sense of awe. The abilities of Kraft boxes to resist moisture and other atmospheric changes are another aspect that makes them stand out from the rest of materials.


Versatile Customised Kraft Boxes

The increases demand of wholesale Kraft boxes is because they are incredibly versatile in nature. They can be recycled once they have met their purpose. Jewelry, cosmetic, soap, biscuits and almost anything can be beautifully presented in a skillfully made custom Kraft Packaging.

On top of that, our expert team can help you choose a color scheme and shape that syncs with your product. However, if you already have a design, shape and color in mind, we are still here to assist you in making that idea reality. By using the embossing, debossing, foil printing, heat stamping and other techniques, we can give your boxes a striking look.