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Bowl Sleeve

Bowl sleeves are easy to assemble and provides a convenient packaging solution to bowls. These sleeves are available in different sizes and shapes according to the requirements. They are more durable and act as a perfect protector for glass items during shipping. They are also used in food and beverage items.

Cube Shaped Carrier


If you’re looking for a Cube Shaped Carrier box that securely holds all your precious goods in it, we are the one for you. Featuring an extremely versatile design with a plastic holder on top, that’s made extra sturdy to endure the box’s weight, these customised Cube Carriers are functional and make carrying the product so much easier.

Our unique colour, shape and size customisations tenfold the utility and usefulness of these boxes. Decades of experience coupled with some of the most advanced high-tech printing and cutting equipment makes Digital Custom Boxes the answer to all your packaging needs.


These easy to assemble boxes are shipped flat and come with an instruction manual for smooth assembly. Be it food, dry stock, gifts, CDs or DVDs our experts cut, glue, score and perforate these durable cube boxes unique to each customer’s requirement.

Our experts cut, glue, score and perforate these durable cube boxes unique to each customer’s requirement. What speaks to you most? Offset, digital or screen printing? Digital Custom Boxes does it all! Embossing, UV raised, debossing. You name it. Want a foiled finish? Select from copper, gold, silver, holographic and many other options.

To make these high-quality boxes resonate more with the tone of your brand you can add window cut-outs, perforation lines, colouring scheme, and die cuts. The options are endless!

We manufacture from the best available, eco-friendly material in the market. Our competent designers will customise your Cube Shaped Carriers to literal perfection. We want to facilitate our customers in every way possible. On bulk orders you get free shipping with extra perks like free shipping and cutting equipment.


Disc Folder


Building on a decade’s long heritage of providing quality packaging, you can rely on Digital Custom Boxes to provide convenient and innovative packaging solutions to all your CD and DVD storage needs. Our customised Disc Folders are great for music singles, handing out at trade shows, self-promotion, or for selling at gigs.

An attractive alternative to jewel cases, our eco-friendly CD jackets are made from sturdy 15-point grade-A, recycled board stock. We craft these Disc Folders to perfection from only the finest materials, including full-colour printing, using only non-toxic, biodegradable inks for a rich, vibrant look that is unsurpassed in the industry.


You’d be surprised by how even at such an affordable wholesale rate your Disc Folders end up looking like a million bucks. That’s all thanks to our premium UV coating that not only provides a superior finish but also makes our jackets last ten years longer than the competition. Make each folder unique to the CD it holds by extra detailing like window cuts or scored edges.

The data storing world might be constantly evolving but nothing beats the sentimental value a CD has. You can choose between a rigid or a semi rigid disc depending on how delicate or rough you are while handling your CDs. You can also have high quality images be printed on these protecting discs as well as text printed in one or a combination of printing techniques like foiling and embossing. Seal the deal with free shipping and extra perks like free die cut equipment and you are all set!

Double Glue Side Wall

Just as their name suggests, these are some of the most secure packaging options for retail products of many types. Having double glued side walls, these keep your packaged food, cosmetics, technology, gifts, decorative or many other distinct types of retail or storage products in them safely for as long as required. Digital Custom Boxes provides you some of the sturdiest Custom Double Glue Side Wall boxes customized to perfection for your specific products highlighting your brand and product names efficiently while keeping them safe and sound. We offer our packaging at cheapest wholesale prices and on large orders, you can also avail our free shipping along with free cutting and printing equipment as well.

Double Locked Wall Lid

Your expensive and fancy products deserve some good quality protection, and the Double Locked Wall Lid boxes from Digital Custom Boxes bring you just that. As their self-explanatory name suggests, these have double locked walls and lids that stay safe and secure on your products no matter how rough they are handled.

Double Wall Tray

These have double layered walls that give them their characteristic strength and durability along with the fine finishes and attractive colors and Printed designs that make your products that much attractive while they sit on supermarket or retail store shelves. We also provide fast and free UK wide delivery on bulk orders along with no additional costs for the cutting die equipment or the printing plates as well.

Economy Disc Folder

Best and Finest Custom Eco-friendly Boxes

The world is evolving, as is every industry’s policy regarding their products. With our environmental conditions worsening at such a quick pace, almost all companies are getting worried over the utilisation of our natural resources, which is quite a good thing. If you want to play a positive role and contribute to environment you should vouch for eco-friendly boxes.

At Digital Custom Boxes, we produce the best and finest environmental friendly boxes at reasonable rates. We are committed and dedication to serve our customers in best of the ways. Our experience and premium quality work speaks for itself. We can make your idea a reality. Our experts are friendly, helpful and skilled in making it simple for everybody to share their requests and desires.

Undeniably the most Environment Friendly Custom Box in Premium Quality

At Digital Custom Boxes, we use the most eco-friendly materials available to produce bags. Other environmental friendly materials we use include soy-based ink, water-based coatings and breeze power. On top of that we own a huge recycling program. If you are looking for a top notch custom eco-friendly box then Digital Custom Boxes is the real deal.

Our wholesale eco-friendly packaging comes in every imaginable shape and size. Whether it be a square, rectangle, pentagon, pinnacle etc. You just have to express your idea and let us do the magic. To top it all off we offer our service in an extraordinarily fast turnaround time and competitive prices as compared to the rest of market.

Fence Partitions

Sometimes the packaging requires an additional safety which can be sorted out through Fence partitions. These are very easy to assemble and required no effort. Can come up with any custom shape and size according to the product requirements.

Foot Lock Tray

Non glued trays, Easy to assemble with double side panels lock from the bottom. Mostly used for bakery items and can also work with garment products. Most innovative design in trays family.

Gable Bag

Gable boxes are mostly used for promotional stuff. The gable boxes are made in such a way that they can be folded down in to flat shape. Allowing them to have more storage. Moreover the bottom of the gable box can be re-stored by stretching out the bag. We also have the ability to give custom die cut window over the bags for product visibility.

Glass Carrier

Digital Custom Boxes provide the highest quality carrier boxes for your glass bottled products with open tops or even temporary covered ones, depending on the product requirements along with very sturdy bottom die cut carry spaces for the glass bottles in any required sizes. Our machine cut perfectly shaped, colored or printed boxes are delivered free all over the UK.

Ice Cream Cone Holder

Ice Cream Cone Holder boxes are some of the most functional options for the ice cream retailers. You can use these Custom Packaging boxes from Digital Custom Boxes to provide your customers with very easy and portable packaging solutions using which they can carry around many of the fresh sweet treats. Our boxes are also perfect for retail store selling where packaged ice cream is stored in freezers, and the materials we use are freezer humidity proof.

Punch Partition

During shipping of the items certain products have a high risk to get damaged during handling where punch partitions provide the best solution to make sure that the product is safely shipped and delivered to required destination. Commonly used for protecting fragile items, The inner die-cut can be used in different styles according to your product shape.

Regular Six Corner

Folding carton which is effective and more functional. The structure of this job is already glued and are mostly shipped flat. They can be used for variety of items including food items. Can be customized in different sizes to fulfill your needs.