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The bags your customers carry not only contain your product but also the entire value of your brand. There is no brand value in a bag that sits in a wardrobe or, worse, is thrown out because its flimsy. Bring your brand to life with Digital Custom Boxes’ promotional and resale bags made with heavyweight fabric that’s sturdy enough to carry the weight of your brand’s reputation!


Sturdy bags tend to be reused. This lends valuable exposure to your business, making your brand name linger on the minds of potential customers. When these eco-friendly bags carry your customer’s grocery or go to the gym with them your brand is being marketed to potential buyers free of cost. Our experienced establishment will assist you in customising a bag suitable for many needs.

Stand out from competition in a range of unique designs and attractive colours. Show off your logo in a combination or one of our innovative printing and lamination techniques like embossing, foiling or raised ink, debossing, UV, gloss or matte laminations. We manufacture these customisable bags from the best quality eco-friendly material available on the market. Complying with the general demand in the market Digital Custom Boxes produces your bags from paper, cloth or jute because they are easy to recycle.


We add value to your business in every way possible. Not only do our bags come in variable thickness and size to fit all your products accordingly, we also promise that the quality on these bags will not leave you disappointed.

You’ll find our Customer Service Representatives available 24/7 and very cooperative in removing any queries or concerns you might have. Boost your sales up with Digital Custom Boxes’ durable and sturdy bags brought to you at the lowest wholesale price. Seal the deal with free shipping on bulk orders and you will never be more satisfied.



Booklets are extremely multi-functional and a cost-effective means of guiding both old and new customers through your brand or product’s journey. Digital Custom Boxes is at your service to help you customise this marketing wonder. We make your booklets short, snappy and captivating!


Staring through blocks of texts can be dull. Digital Custom Boxes work in line with your brand identity and values to include eye-catching images in your booklet that pique the reader’s interest. We believe in influencing the masses with quality.

All the images printed on your booklet have a resolution of at least 300dpi so no detail is sacrificed. We ensure that your booklet includes a convincing call to action so that your investment actually bears some profit.

Digital Custom Boxes never underestimate the power of colour and we encourage that you don’t either. We incorporate attractive colours into your booklet just to engage the audience that much more.  Special attention is paid to the layout of your customised booklet to ensure that nothing is too crowded, confusing or overwhelming.

With a plethora of printing techniques available at Digital Custom Boxes you are guaranteed to find one- be it embossing or foiling, CMYK, offset printing or anything in between that best fits your brands identity. Our skilled experts dedicate their utmost attention into making your booklets lucrative and engaging. Through our exquisite laminations like UV, gloss or matte, we further enhance the look of your booklets.


We don’t do business. We create life long, trust worthy partnerships. Words aren’t enough for you? We understand. Digital Custom Boxes also provide their valuable customers with physical sampling if they ask so they choose us fully convinced of amazing results.

We bring customisable bulk booklets and much more to you at the lowest wholesale rates as well as free shipping on bulk orders. For any more queries or concerns feel free to get in touch with our customer service representatives who are available 24/7 to guide you.



Are you targeting customers who frequently visit or give books to used bookstores and libraries and are tired of dog-eared books? Worry no more. Digital Custom Boxes has got your back. Pop your books open to the right page with our sturdy Bookmarks available in several customisable shapes and sizes.

Other than being useful, these unique bookmarks are also beautiful, fun and engaging. These are perfect for just about any reader- from a student to a book junkie to a book club member who loves sharing his/her books around.


While the standard size for bookmarks is 5-8 cm in width and 12-21 cm in length, Digital Custom Boxes customises your bookmarks in any size you ask for. We source the best available thick paper (about 150 to 250gsm) in the market and cut your bookmarks with utmost attention to detail and design.

If you opt for recycled or natural paper there’s no need for additional finishes, but Digital Custom Boxes also provide you with the option to choose coated paper which is sturdier with UV lamination added. Want to enhance your bookmark’s appeal by adding a metallic string or thread? Ask us and we’ll do it.

Want your bookmark to feature a famous painting? Or maybe you want to target Harry Potter Fans with a collection based on the series? That one Jane Austen quote stuck with you? Want to show solidarity to feminists or Marxists?

Tell us and we will base your bookmarks around your fancy. Your creativity will never be more entertained than here at Digital Custom Boxes.

We print our Bookmarks using state of the art inkjets so your customers can use them without being worried of smudged text. Any further queries?

Contact our Customer Service Representatives who are available round the clock to assist you. We offer free shipping and design revisions to our valued customers as well as the lowest wholesale price on bulk orders.



Succinctly giving insight to what your business offers, Digital Custom Boxes bring to you customisable brochures which are a highly effective tool to lure customers away from your competitors.

A single sheet commonly seen on shelves or racks, a brochure is a type of a leaflet featuring information about a company, an event, a campaign, a product or a service. You can have your brochures be made in a bi-fold, a tri-fold, a c-fold or a z-fold.

In today’s digitally empowered world one might question the purpose of a brochure but a skilled marketing strategist knows just how crucial they can be in getting word across about your business.

Digital Custom Boxes design brochures that educate people in stores, bus stops and just about anywhere in an effort to turn them into loyal customers. Our competitive graphic designers never sacrifice quality. Be it a skincare brand or a fast-food chain our designers’ artistic capability will innovatively communicate your brand’s objective to the target audience.


We put extra effort into making all aspects of your brochure unique and original so it stands out even when shuffled with others. Digital Custom Boxes promises to strengthen your brand’s identity through creative a fully customisable, top quality brochures. Does your company have a signature font that resonates with the business’ vibe? Or perhaps you want to jazz things up a bit and use a mixture of fonts.

Tell us and we’ll do accordingly. Our content team will keep you from making the brochure overwhelming by helping you pinpoint an interest so the readers can easily grasp what you’re communicating to them. Our priority is always the growth of your customer base.

While a glossy paper is the most obvious choice for a brochure, Digital Custom Boxes also manufactures them using matte paper. With the lowest available price on the market, a team readily available to assist you anytime you desire and perks like extra shipping on bulk orders we can confidently say that Digital Custom Boxes is the best choice for all your brochure needs!

Business Cards


The world sleeps on the power of a 3”x 2” paper card. As you embark on a conquering journey with your business’ launch save yourself the embarrassment of looking amateurish and unprepared with Digital Custom Boxes customised business cards that will help you establish benefitting networks. We make your cards convenient by adhering to a simpler and minimalistic design.

Less is more with business cards and you’ll find our experts are always recommending you to stick to a more open design instead of filling every space with patterns, colour and text. Digital Custom Boxes has experience enough in the world of business cards to know that experimenting with bold, distorted and funky fonts is simply not an option.

Your business cards should exude professionalism and we achieve that by sticking to readable fonts in neutral colours that blend well with your business logo. Using the latest printing techniques like debossing, embossing, offset and CMYK printing with custom laminations such as gloss, matte or UV, we give a distinct look to your business card.


Our experts will help you land on a design that complements to the image you want your brand to project. It is crucial that your business card is consistent with your brand identity. What’s the use of a card that can’t endure rough handling or perhaps a coffee stain? Free yourself from any such worries.

We source the best, most sturdy material in the market for your custom business cards so they can take in your competitors’ rage at your success and so much more! Stand out with plastic or metal business cards. Be the talk of the town with rounded corners, embossed text or a textured finish.

Our wide range of available colours makes it fairly easy for you to find the right tones that mix with your business’ logo to give the card a unique tone. Make the right impression with Digital Custom Boxes!

CD Jackets

CD collection is one of the most commemorative objects of a person’s life. People belonging to the CD business or any person that has possession of some Cd’s that are dear and close to them crave to find extreme protecting measures that could preserve and protect their valuable CD’s for the longest period of time and in the best possible way.



Utilizing a vinyl base, which is a high end and good quality material, a decal is a type of sticker better suited for outdoor conditions and more long term uses. Digital Custom Boxes bring to you customisable decals that are durable and suited to all surfaces including but not limited to; laptops, water bottles, cars and walls.

Express your personal style with our statement decals and show off your interests in an eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing manner. Flaunt an HD image of Kurt Cobain on your guitar or a classy Audrey Hepburn on your everyday backpack. If you are a start-up waiting for that breakthrough in the market our decals might make it happen faster than you imagined.

Whether you’re using a decal on its own or sticking it to something specific to garner attention, they convey a message in ways that other marketing strategies simply can’t. They act as mini billboards, implanting your logo in people’s minds hence lending your brand more top-of-mind awareness. Digital Custom Boxes premium prints  all your decals using the latest printing techniques such as CMYK, embossing, foil printing, debossing, offset and others so they don’t only look great but also promote your business for years to come.


Digital Custom Boxes aims to offer you the highest quality alarm, vehicle, window and motorcycle decals. Printed on the durable material, these decals will enable you to entice thousands of new clients for your brand. We make sure you have the right printing facilities at the most affordable price. Our friendly service is at your assistance round the clock to help you navigate through the whole process.

Folders Printing

If you aspire to present your valuable documents or your very best presentations in the most professional and creative style then Custom Designed Folders are your best option. Professionally printed pocket Folders are the best possible encasement to present and showcase the very best of what you have to offer. Custom designed full or partially colored Folders printed with quality designing and high tech printing allow you to present your objective or message in the most professional and efficient manner that you could possibly ask for. Folders give a sense of professionalism as well as aesthetic beauty to your documents.

PVC Bags


Heat resistant, permeable to oxygen and impermeable to water Polyvinyl Bags has been used in the healthcare centuries for decades. Digital Custom Boxes’ high-quality PVC Bags meet all the quality standards making them the perfect choice for infusions and blood bags. These durable PVC Bags can also be customised to meet the packaging needs of several other industries. Are you a toy company, food producer, cosmetic brand or an apparel store?

Our durable PVC Bags might just be the right option for you. To make them into containers, plasticizers are used in abundance to soften them. The simplicity of these bags is the most valuable feature.

Any object can be stored and displayed on the market at the same time without fear of harm to the product. Along with customisable shapes and sizes, the locking mechanism of these bags also varies. Locking types range from bringing open-ended to using hot seals as a security system.


Raise your style stakes with spirit and poise with an alluring trend that is taking the fashion world by storm. Digital Custom Boxes designs these bags so provocatively stylish that everyone who looks at you will want to have one for themselves.

With the choice to have your PVC bags be coloured you can embrace transparency while retaining a pop of pastel in your silhouette. All our products including these customisable PVC Bags abide to all industry norms. We use state-of-the-art printing techniques like offset, CMYK, digital printing, embossing, debossing, foiling or heat stamping to make them stand out from the lot. With the most reasonable prices on the market choosing Digital Custom Boxes will get you one step closer to being the talk of town.

Table Tents


A self-standing promotional unit created from printed and folded cardstock table tents are designed to be placed on tables, counters, desks, and other horizontal surfaces. Used widely in restaurants, hotels, showrooms or virtually any place where marketing communication might need to be displayed in a simple, yet effective format, table tents act as miniature billboards promoting any offers, events or special services your company has going on.

Digital Custom Boxes are here the design your desired table tent in variable and attractive shapes, sizes and colours. We will help you display information in an engulfing and creative manner with endless font styles and printing techniques. While the standard size for table tents is 4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 5.5”, we work closely with your requirements to provide a fit that best suites the aesthetic of your display.


What is it exactly that makes table tents so prolific? Digital Custom Boxes prints images in high resolutions. Our table tents make it that much easier to really get through to the customer by tickling their taste buds with tantalising images of your special molten lava cake.

Our custom table tents are famous among restaurant owners and not without reason! These have proven to encourage upselling beyond what traditional displays can do alone. To add an extra oomph, you can have your table tents have die cuts in them with exceptional printing like offset, CMYK, embossing, debossing, heat stamping and gloss, matte or UV lamination to enhance the look further.  After all it’s the tiniest details that enhance the appeal of what you are promoting.

All our clients are eligible for special discounts on bulk orders as well as free shipping. You can rest assured that your product is being manufactured from the best available, eco-friendly material in the market. Our designers make no compromises on quality whatsoever. Our team values your input and the customer service department is at your service all the time to clear concerns and queries.

Tags Printing


Finalising the last touches on your product to perk their uniqueness? With Digital Custom Boxes’ intricately curated tags you have just the right weapon to stand out in the product army. From silk to custom coloured hang tags Digital Custom Boxes is here to facilitate your tag journey. Tags serve as posters and vendors for the good on retail shelves. Today, where everyone is competing to provide cheaper alternatives to existing luxury labels, tags are not an area to cut corners on quality.

Digital Custom Boxes produce tags on a wide array of printing equipment. Similar to the importance we place in material quality, it’s crucial to us that the press operator has the right skills and experience to make your tags meticulous.

Using high quality flexographic and digital printing techniques like debossing, embossing, offset, CMYK and others to give excellent ink coverage, our accurate, vivid colour reproduction and razor-sharp registration bring your tag designs to life. Further, we can enhance the look with different laminations such as gloss, matte or UV finish and die cutting.


One of Digital Custom Boxes’ core values is ensuring a lucrative customer experience by ensuring that all their products give off a professional look. Our tags live a long life. We guarantee that these don’t fade or cripple. Your customer can continue to spread word about your brand through your label when a top they buy from you gets them compliments from all their friends and family.

Our team values your demands and always provide our client with exactly what they had in mind, sometimes even better! Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We offer free shipping on bulk orders.

Vinyl Banners


Designing an effective vinyl banner isn’t an easy task. It takes a team of skilled and experienced experts to get everything right down from the quality to the graphics to be on point. Whether you’re looking to make a statement at your birthday party or boost sales with an award-winning billboard Digital Custom Boxes are just the right door to knock at.

The sole objective of a vinyl banner is to attract attention from afar. To achieve this Digital Custom Boxes lays special emphasis on key elements like placement, font and colours. We use the latest printing techniques such as offset, CMYK, debossing, embossing and others with special lamination finishing like gloss, matte or UV to give unique look to your banners.

We work closely with our client to land on a design and colour that’s unanimous with their business while contrasting enough with the intended placement so it catches the viewers’ eye.

Our banners are always a success. The key is simplicity. We navigate through the entire identity of our client’s brand to boil everything down to its essence and have that be what the banner reads.

Most of your target audience are usually passers-by. They don’t have the time and maybe even the energy to skim through paragraphs. By removing all unnecessary information our customised banners communicate your message in as little time as possible with little to no effort on the readers’ end.


Our use of high-resolution images in your banners is guaranteed to entice viewers. The combined use of aqueous, eco solvent and UV curable inks adds to the durability of the banner. All this quality at the lowest market prices? You’d be surprised but Digital Custom Boxes offer that to you along with free shipping on bulk orders. Indoor, outdoor, sports, promotional and canvas banners are our speciality. Choose us and you’ll run back for more!