The demand for sturdy and appealing packaging is increasing with every passing day. For successful marketing and advertising, we can help you to come up with innovative and stylish packaging. We manufacture the custom boxes in top quality with unique and appealing designs.

Appealing packaging is surely going to draw the attention of customers onto your product which ultimately is going to persuade them to buy it. This doesn’t just help in advertising your brand but also ensures increased revenue and profit for your company.

We build the top closure boxes having very durable and sturdy structures. This structural property ensures product safety and security. Our wholesale top closure boxes are guaranteed to safeguard your product against any harm or wear and tear.

Customised Top Closure Boxes With Unique Styles

Our designers have created a range of top closure boxes that you can check out in our catalogue. Each of which has its style and offers exceptional advertising options. You can choose from there or customize them as per your preferences.

We create stylish and unique designed packaging by using printing methods like heat stamping, digital printing, CMYK, screen printing, embossing, engraving, debossing, CMYK, UV printing, hot stamping, lithography, relief. These help us to create packaging having finesse and also in top quality designs.

We have maintained a high turn around by not compromising on quality standards. As we use top-quality die-cut and corrugated cardboards to manufacture these products and offer these services in the cheapest wholesales rates.


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Double Wall Tuck Top

The retail market is getting more and more competitive every day. You have to be either innovative in marketing your brand or be at risk of staying in the background. There are many ways through which brands promote their product and the most effective way is to advertise your brand properly.

We offer you great packaging solutions that don’t just promote your product but also advertise your entire brand in the retail market. Our tuck top box is the kind of packaging that draws attention and gains more customers.

You can use these tuck top boxes to package food and cosmetic products. They are not just sturdy, keeping your products safe but also attractive, gaining everyone’s attention.

Their key feature is the presence of non-glued tray and a lid with side flaps. These side flaps act as a locking mechanism. Additionally, they have three tuck flaps acting as a locking mechanism as they extend the entire length of the bottom.

Attractive Yet Cost-Effective Solution:

We can help you customize these boxes as per your preferences. We can beautify these custom boxes using CMYK, digital printing, embossing, debossing, heat stamping, foiling etc. They make the packaging stylish and elegant in catching everyone’s attention.

Moreover, we only use high-quality, corrugated cardboard material in their manufacturing. You can add handles and windows on these boxes by using our die-cutting, scoring and other printing techniques etc. We provide these services while maintaining the quickest turnaround time in the market.

Flower Shaped Top Closure

Custom Flower-shaped Top Closure Box

They are an elegant and stylish packaging solution in the category of top closure boxes. Their fancy and decorative look is the perfect packaging option for gifts, toys and also for ornaments. Their extravagant look adds elegance to your product and gives it a stylish and trendy look.

You can use our custom flower shaped top closure boxes for guaranteed product promotion. Their decorative flower-shaped top lid is the main feature that enhances the product’s look. This feature also helps to increase more customers by capturing their attention in the market.

We can help you persuade customers to buy your products if you use our unique and trendy packaging. This will ultimately increase your revenue in the market.

Cost-Effective Customisable Flower Shaped Top Closure Packaging Solution

We offer the most cost-effective packaging solutions without compromising on the quality. We ensure that the preferences of our clients are met properly. We only use top quality corrugated cardboards, Kraft and paper box materials.

To maintain these to standards we utilize new printing techniques like CMYK, embossing, debossing, foiling, screen and digital printing, heat stamping to increase the beauty and stylishness of the packaging. We also offer die-cutting, scoring, perforating, creasing etc to help you customize the packaging.

You will get to have a chance of availing all these services in top quality, high standards and also in the most effective and quick turnaround time. We never let you dangle in the waiting process as we deliver on time in the best quality.

Four Corner with Display Lid

Customised Four Corner With Display Lid

The four corners with display lid boxes are the most suitable option when it comes to secure product packaging and brand’s promotion in the market. These custom boxes are the most used display boxes. Their front lid can be used as a printing canvas to advertise and promote your brand effectively.

Our custom four corners with display lid boxes do not only offer secure and safer packaging but also showcase your product distinctively from the others. Its style and structure is inspired by the display trays and is used not just as a box but as a display unit as well.

Durable and Elegant Four Corner With Display Lid Boxes:

We manufacture the most durable custom display lid boxes that come with a strong and tough structure. Their structure helps them withstand any wear and tear that may happen to them. They consist of four walls, exactly as the name suggests. While the top lid can be folded in half and be used as an advertising board for your brand.

We can help you customize these boxes by printing images and logos on the box or your brand’s information or advertise other products of your brand too.

We offer cutting techniques like die-cutting, perforating, scoring and also use new printing methods like CMYK, digital printing, embossing, debossing, foiling, screen printing, heat stamping,UV printing,lithography, relief, intaglio to produce top printing results.

Work with us and get your product in the quickest turnaround time!

Gable Bag Auto Bottom

Custom Designed Gable Bag Auto Bottom

These are the perfect combination that you get by merging a bag in a box. The Gable bag Auto Bottom is the most innovative type of gable bags being used in the market. They are multipurpose and come in handy too.

Our gable bags are already a hit in the packaging industry because of their bag in a box feature. But if you add up an auto bottom lock to it then there certainly is no doubt in you taking over the market. These wholesale gable boxes can also have handles at the top which makes it easy to carry them around.

They are delivered in a flat form and can be assembled very easily in a few minutes. The auto bottom closes on its own just as you assemble them properly.

Economical Customised Gable Bag Auto Bottom

We at The Digital Custom Boxes offer you to personalize these gable bags as per your preferences. You can alter their size, shape and print images making them look stylish and unique.

We use only the best quality Kart and corrugated cardboard material to manufacture our products. By using methods like Foil printing, screen printing, digital printing,lithography, and intaglio we give you the best quality printing options for your packaging.

You can even have handles and windows added in them by using die-cutting methods like scoring, creasing, perforating laser cutting. You get all of this in the cheapest rates with the quickest turn around time in the market.


Gable Bag Bottom Hanger

Custom Gable Bag Bottom Hanger

The quality standards of packaging directly affect the quality of the enclosed products. Your packaging determines your marketing growth in the retail market. Having a product in bland, simple packaging is not going to engage the customers and will negatively impact your brand.

We manufacture easy to assemble gable bag bottom hanger boxes which don’t just provide you product security but also are ideal packaging solution for carrying multiple products at the same time.

The presence of bottom hanger allows them to be hanged in a shelf or on a wall giving them a separate identity from other products. They come up with hand cut-outs which are useful when carrying them around. We can also add up windows on these boxes using cutting techniques like scoring, die-cutting, through cutting and perforating.

Our custom gable bags can be used for grocery bags, delivery boxes, food items packaging, gift boxes and also as treat bags.

Amazing Customised Gable Bag Bottom Hanger

We offer our services in the quickest turnaround time with top-notch quality. You can choose any design from our catalogue or customise them according to your needs. Get your logo, different images and brand’s name on them making them look more stylish as we offer printing techniques like digital printing, screen printing, embossing, engraving, debossing, CMYK, UV printing.

You can add up additional features like windows or handles using methods like die-cutting, perforating, scoring, through cutting and creasing, Flat bed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, laser cutting and digitalised die-cutting.


Seal End With Perforated Top

The importance of proper packaging can not be neglected in today’s market. More than half of the advertising and marketing depend upon the type of packaging that encloses your product.

By using our perforated top boxes, you can get an edge over your rivals. Our custom boxes won’t just help to draw customer’s attraction but they also increase the value of your products by giving it an extravagant look.

These boxes are made by using great quality corrugated cardboard, Kraft and paper box material. These are eco friendly and 100% natural. Our wholesale seal end boxes have their signature look of housing a perforated patch on the top. The reason it is perforated is that it will be easier to take out the patch creating a narrow opening.

Usually, these boxes are used for tissue papers, wipes, edibles or toys. But most commonly they are used as packaging for tissues. The top patch allows to easily take out the tissues or wipes. Their ideal size can have them placed anywhere. They are sturdy and are made by corrugated cardboard and paper products.

Completely customisable seal end with perforated top boxes

We offer our services with quickest turnaround time in the market. You can customise these boxes freely and utilize new printing methods likeFoil printing, screen printing, digital printing, screen printing, embossing, engraving, debossing to get your logo or brand’s name printed. You can add up handles or windows using die-cutting, scoring, creasing and other cutting techniques.

Self Lock Cake Box

The retail market is growing every day which means the competition to win more customers is getting tougher every day. The companies are looking for innovative and creative ideas to draw the customers attention which ultimately increases the revenue.

Most of the bakery items especially cakes and pastries are very delicate and have intricate designs on them. Thedelivery and transportation of such delicacies must be made very carefully to cause minimal damage to them.

We, at The Digital Custom Boxes, provide you with the best quality packaging solutions in the cheapest wholesales rates in the market. Our packaging gives a splendid and attractive look to your product and makes it a stand out in the market.

Our Beautiful and Attractive Custom Cake Boxes:

We can help you to create an individual name for your brand in the market by helping you advertise your product in the best way. We manufacture the custom self-lock cake boxes using high-quality corrugated cardboard as well as Kraft paperboard material.

We can help you enhance their beauty by methods of embossing, debossing, digital and screen printing. We also employ different foil printing techniques to engrave the boxes making them more attractive. You can also avail die-cutting, scoring, through cutting to customize your packaging.

We offer our services in the best quality and never compromise on our client’s needs. Get your order delivered in the quickest turnaround time with top-notch quality that will set your brand apart from others.