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1-2-3 Bottom

1-2-3 Bottom Boxes are also Known as Snap Lock Boxes, These Boxes May Need a Bit More Time For Assembling But are More Secure Than Tuck End Boxes. Bottom Flaps are Interlocked With Each Other For Closure. There Is an Option Available For an Additional Flap at The Bottom To Achieve More Strength From The Bottom.

1-2-3 Bottom Display Lid

If you are looking for a packaging box that is easy to assemble, durable and also capable of providing some bit of publicity to your product than these auto bottom boxes are the best option for you. These types of boxes are shipped out flat but they have an auto bottom that requires no manual assembling. The lid panel of the boxes is a little stretched out which can be used for publicity measures since it stands out prominently when displayed. In terms of storage, these boxes can be easily stored flat and can be stretched into their structure once stretched.

1-2-3 Bottom Display Lid


In today’s world where an Instagram story from an influencer can transform your business overnight, it’s crucial that everything from the actual to the packaging it comes in is picture perfect.

Many consumers tend to judge a product by its packaging before buying it. Digital Custom Boxes create compelling and alluring 1-2-3 Bottom Display Lid Boxes that are guaranteed to impress the influencer, get you a good review and build first time buyers’ intrigue.


Set your imagination loose! Digital Custom Boxes manufactures these durable Bottom Display boxes in all shapes and sizes. You can have them designed such that their use can be stretched beyond just shipping and PR purposes. Customers can use these boxes to store a wide range of items from cosmetics to books and everything in between, making these unique 1-2-2 Bottom Boxes a part of their everyday lives.

Digital Custom Boxes ensure that our products pass the test for being both reusable and recyclable. We source some of the best eco-friendly kraft, e-flute corrugated cardboard, bux board and cardstock so whatever material you choose the durability of these whole sale Display Lids is not compromised.

Step your brand’s publicity game up a notch with window cut outs, die cutting patterns and perforation panels on the back plate that resonate with your brand’s aesthetic. Printing techniques like foil stamping, raised inks, embossing, debossing add an extra oomph to the Bottom Display Boxes’ appeal.


With an ever-growing entrée of options and varying price points picking quality packaging can be quite a challenging task. We promise good quality, eco-friendly products at the lowest priced rates with added benefits such as free packaging, free custom printing and free die cutting.

4 Corner Tray Tuck Top

Perfect for many valuable and expensive retail products like technology, small electrical appliances or fancy fragile decorative items, the Custom 4 Corner Tray Tuck Top packaging from The Digital Custom Boxes offers many unique and functional customization options along with durable and protective materials. Get brand or product names and logos printed on your boxes and customize them in color and surface finish options to provide a much satisfactory unboxing experience for your customers. On request clear windows for relevant products or silk and foam inserts can also be provided and you can avail our cheapest prices with free shipping, free printing and cutting die equipment as well on bulk orders.

4 Corner Tray With Lid

Cost-Effective, Reliable & Smooth Custom 4 Corner Trays

We realize how difficult it is to survive in present era’s tough market especially if you are just a start-up. When it comes to packaging you need something that is not only visually appealing but also cost-effective. For that purpose Digital Custom Boxes offer you custom 4 corner tray boxes. These reasonably priced boxes can be effectively used for packaging medical, food, bakery and other fragile products. The best part about our wholesale 4 corner tray boxes also known as beer tray boxes is that they provide protection as well as an elegant way of displaying your products.

Our expert team pays keen attention to every detail of the box like its dimensions, size and structure to make sure it is exactly the way you wanted it to be. Another ample feature of these boxes is that they come with a removable lid offering you the privilege of either removing the lid or not. We manufacture wholesale 4 corner packaging in every shape, size, colour, design and patterns so feel free to express yourself.

Tempting Designs & Innovative Finishing Techniques

At Digital Custom Boxes, we strive to make your product’s packaging so unique and rare that every customer will feel the need to get their hands on the product inside. We use high quality Kraft, cardboard, bux board and e-flute corrugated for the production of these boxes.

Furthermore, our top of the line finishing options like windows cut out, gold and silver foiling, embossing and spot UV add to the mesmerizing outlook of your box. Our enthralling printing techniques such as CMYK, PMS, heat stamping and off set can help you add any necessary information on the box for better marketing. We provide all these service at a user-friendly price and quick turnaround time

4 Pk Bottle Carrier

The special 4 PK Bottle Carrier packaging makes it so much easier to carry a pack of 4 beverage bottles around with their rigid, durable material and die cut precise bottle sized holes with a strong, lasting bottom layer. The rigid material holds the bottles in place and presents soft layers between their glass surfaces eliminating chances of bottles shattering upon impact with each other.

Archive Boxes

Looking for an effective remedy to shape up your messy workplace? Need a handy solution to categorize your valuable record files? Or simply want to clean up your disorganized office; Archive Boxes are the perfect answer to all of these queries. These boxes are handy and easy to store. They make a perfect storage solution for numerous of your items. They are purposeful for both your office and home storage requirements.
The Digital Custom Boxes is a leading packaging company from Bolingbrook, IL serving thousands of Customers across UK for short & commercial runs. A specialized team working from a decade to serve you better. Make Your Products Stands Out Of The Crowd!

Auto Bottom Tray

Auto Bottom Tray is mostly used for display purpose in retail stores. Auto Bottom Tray boxes comes up with pre-glued formula which are easy to assemble and time saving. Mostly seen at store shelves or counter top displays.

Auto Bottom with Display Lid

These Auto bottom with display lid boxes are easier to assemble with auto lock at the bottom. The difference is that these boxes comes up with a little more space in display tuck panel lid and have a crease in the middle of the lid through which the lid can be easily folded up. The box can be folded in to flat shape and can be restored when stretched.

Auto Lock Cap

One of the safest most durable types of showcase retail ready packaging from The Digital Custom Boxes is the Custom Auto Lock Cap. With die cut precise auto lock feature and deep inner spaces for sizable product packaging, these can be customized to perfection in terms of their materials, printed designs, die cut shapes and sizes or perfect look and feel surface finish options. Perfect for electronics, technology, prepared foods, gifts for certain occasions and many other retail products, these are offered at cheap wholesale prices and on bulk orders, you can also avail our free delivery along with no costs to pay for the printing and cutting equipment.

Bag Shaped Box Auto Bottom


Having the capacity to support a wide range of products due to its expandable structure our Bag Shaped Auto Boxes are the answer to all your quick packaging needs. The design of our quality Bag Shaped Auto Bottom is very comparable to the full flat auto bottom, but unlike it, these come in the form of a bag to serve as a trendy packaging alternative.

The bottom of the box can also be folded down or extended for more space. This is definitely beneficial for food producers who are aiming for a packaging design that is both elegant and functional.


Digital Custom Boxes manufactures customisable Bag Shaped Auto Bottoms for a number of industries including pharmaceutical and cosmetics. Customise according to the nature of your products. Worried about damage during shipping? We have finishes that add to the sturdiness of the Auto Bottom Bag.

Top quality and eco-friendly materials ensure a stronger bottom closure panel for extra re-enforcement. Bedazzle your wholesale Auto Bottom Bags with glittery design choices or stand out as updated with unique holographic and other metallic finishes. Advanced printing techniques like foiling and embossing add an extra oomph to your product. All of this is available at an extremely affordable price. Added perks like fast and free delivery on wholesale products secures you a deal like no other.



The bags your customers carry not only contain your product but also the entire value of your brand. There is no brand value in a bag that sits in a wardrobe or, worse, is thrown out because its flimsy. Bring your brand to life with Digital Custom Boxes’ promotional and resale bags made with heavyweight fabric that’s sturdy enough to carry the weight of your brand’s reputation!


Sturdy bags tend to be reused. This lends valuable exposure to your business, making your brand name linger on the minds of potential customers. When these eco-friendly bags carry your customer’s grocery or go to the gym with them your brand is being marketed to potential buyers free of cost. Our experienced establishment will assist you in customising a bag suitable for many needs.

Stand out from competition in a range of unique designs and attractive colours. Show off your logo in a combination or one of our innovative printing and lamination techniques like embossing, foiling or raised ink, debossing, UV, gloss or matte laminations. We manufacture these customisable bags from the best quality eco-friendly material available on the market. Complying with the general demand in the market Digital Custom Boxes produces your bags from paper, cloth or jute because they are easy to recycle.


We add value to your business in every way possible. Not only do our bags come in variable thickness and size to fit all your products accordingly, we also promise that the quality on these bags will not leave you disappointed.

You’ll find our Customer Service Representatives available 24/7 and very cooperative in removing any queries or concerns you might have. Boost your sales up with Digital Custom Boxes’ durable and sturdy bags brought to you at the lowest wholesale price. Seal the deal with free shipping on bulk orders and you will never be more satisfied.

Bakery Boxes

Innovatively designed Custom Bakery Boxes

Bakery products like cake, cheese, pastries are widely used throughout the world. The need of impressive customised bakery boxes is something ever bakery owner agrees with. However enticing and appealing your food might look like if the packaging is dull, your food products will not get the success you are looking for.

At Digital Custom Boxes, we produce the most elegant Custom bakery boxes that not only keep your food from getting contaminated but also tempt people to choose your bakery for every delightful occasion. With our boxes, your bakery products will entice the customer to a level where they will feel constrained to buy from you.

Best Quality and Finest Printing

At Digital Custom Boxes, our key motive is to produce wholesale bakery boxes that meet every demand of our customer. Our customized bakery boxes are available in every shape, dimension, color scheme and pattern you want for instance paperboard, fiberboard, card stock etc.

Our die cut windows design allows the customer to have a view of what’s inside the box to make it even more attractive. On top of that, with the help of our finest printing techniques like off-set, debossing, heat stamping or emboss, you can have your bakery’s logo embossed on top with other important details like your bakery’s address and phone number.

This approach helps a lot in the marketing area as well. You can have a box made just the way you want on request. In addition to this, we use sturdy and recyclable material to ensure your product is protected from environmental hazards as well as travel safe.

Blister Cards

Safe, Secure and Elegant Custom Blister Card Boxes

Blister card packaging is a type of packaging which utilizes plastic, paperboard or aluminum foil for packing all kinds of products. Digital Custom boxes are positioned among the best producers of blister cards in the market for our experience.

From Cosmetics to pharmaceuticals items, electronics to food: We create and produce the most appropriate custom blister card boxes for your products at the liberty of your doorsteps. Our imaginative peel arrangements offer simple opening with most secure packaging. We additionally offer wholesale blister card packaging with an obstruction, blister card boxes with straightforward window, collapsing blister card boxes and refined blister card boxes. Our blister card boxes are produced with imaginative ideas and inventive thoughts.

Reliable Service with quick turnaround time

We ensure you a hassle free creation because our advanced machines check every individual blister card box and inspect the seal boundaries with each production. The best thing for you is the high quality of our custom blister card boxes that improve the life cycle and safety of your product.

In addition to this we use finest quality of printing methods such as off-set, heat stamping, deboss and emboss. With the help of these methods you can have your brands logo along with other minor details on your custom blister card box. On top of that, our user-friendly ordering policy makes sure that all your queries are answered and your boxes are delivered to your desired location in an incredibly quick turnaround time.

Book Boxes

Books are a person’s most cherished asset. Book lovers are most commonly found, although the trend is gradually coming towards an almost end with the new age inventions and the popularity of electronic books. But still the orthodox book reading habit prolongs and looks exciting and attractive. Organizing and maintaining book collections is a tough task. It takes allot of space and allot of time as well. Book lovers continually look around for more convenient and less space occupying storage and categorizing solutions for their books.


If you are looking for durable and attractive boxes for your expensive products such as software or computer hardware products, cosmetic industry products or other electronic products, Bookend Boxes by Digital Custom Boxes will fulfill all your requirements. We deliver Custom bookend boxes in all sizes and dimensions printed to perfection and die cut to accuracy with double thick front panels that can be opened and closed just as easily as turning a book page over.