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Prism Shaped Box

The new stand-out and prominent advertisement solution in the retail market are the prism-shaped custom boxes. These are famous for their unique and distinctive shape of a prism.

These custom boxes don’t look entirely like prisms but resemble them in shape.  This unique shape helps them to be more distinctive and gives them an individuality like no other packaging.

We at the Digital Custom Boxes manufacture them as single piece boxes in a three-dimensional shape. They are super easy to assemble manually.

The wholesale prism shaped boxes consist of three walls and an attached lid at the top which covers the box from the top. These prism shaped boxes require very less space and are ideal if you’re looking for minimalistic packaging solutions.

Customised prism shaped boxes

Using methods like lithography, relief, intaglio, foiling, screen printing, digital printing, embossing, engraving, debossing, CMYK, UV printing, hot stamping you can customise the boxes and get your logo on them printed in unique designs.

You can also add additional features of hand cut-outs, windows etc. to make them more handy and durable. We offer die-cutting services like flatbed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, laser cutting and digitalised die-cutting.

Give Them A Try:

Don’t miss an opportunity to avail these services in the swiftest turnaround time and get your business going.

The prism-shaped boxes can be used as an ideal way to promote your product. Their distinctive shape helps to make your product more attractive and prominent among others.

Product Boxes

Retail products are most effectively packaged in Custom style Product Boxes. These boxes are cost effective and easily available in all shapes and sizes with abundant customization options. They also serve to a great extent in product promotion and branding purposes. Several prominent brands have special style of boxes for their respective products. These boxes provide extra protection and safety to the products packed inside

Punch Partition

During shipping of the items certain products have a high risk to get damaged during handling where punch partitions provide the best solution to make sure that the product is safely shipped and delivered to required destination. Commonly used for protecting fragile items, The inner die-cut can be used in different styles according to your product shape.

PVC Bags


Heat resistant, permeable to oxygen and impermeable to water Polyvinyl Bags has been used in the healthcare centuries for decades. Digital Custom Boxes’ high-quality PVC Bags meet all the quality standards making them the perfect choice for infusions and blood bags. These durable PVC Bags can also be customised to meet the packaging needs of several other industries. Are you a toy company, food producer, cosmetic brand or an apparel store?

Our durable PVC Bags might just be the right option for you. To make them into containers, plasticizers are used in abundance to soften them. The simplicity of these bags is the most valuable feature.

Any object can be stored and displayed on the market at the same time without fear of harm to the product. Along with customisable shapes and sizes, the locking mechanism of these bags also varies. Locking types range from bringing open-ended to using hot seals as a security system.


Raise your style stakes with spirit and poise with an alluring trend that is taking the fashion world by storm. Digital Custom Boxes designs these bags so provocatively stylish that everyone who looks at you will want to have one for themselves.

With the choice to have your PVC bags be coloured you can embrace transparency while retaining a pop of pastel in your silhouette. All our products including these customisable PVC Bags abide to all industry norms. We use state-of-the-art printing techniques like offset, CMYK, digital printing, embossing, debossing, foiling or heat stamping to make them stand out from the lot. With the most reasonable prices on the market choosing Digital Custom Boxes will get you one step closer to being the talk of town.

Pyramid Boxes

For gifting purposes Pyramid Boxes come in as a great packaging item. These boxes can be printed with several customization while maintaining their original shape. They also come in handy for storage purposes. They are available in all custom sizes. The printing on the box can be stylized as to match up with the occasion or purpose these boxes are to be used for.

Regular Six Corner

Folding carton which is effective and more functional. The structure of this job is already glued and are mostly shipped flat. They can be used for variety of items including food items. Can be customized in different sizes to fulfill your needs.

Reinforced Sides With Hinged Top

If you are looking for a packaging solution for your products that are tall, narrow and slender then you’ve come to the right place. The reinforced sides with hinged top boxes complement your delicate slim products just in the right way.

These wholesale boxes do not just give protection to the fragile products likecosmetic products, medical supplies, toys and electronic appliancesbut their elongated shape is also a customer attraction.

Elegantly designed Customised reinforced sides with hinged top box

Their structure consists of four walls. Both the side walls are glued securely which keeps the product safe. The side panels are called reinforced because of this very feature. The glued side panels strengthen the entire structure of the box.

The top of the box is hinged and falls backwards providing an opening for the products to slide in. The hinged top protects the enclosed product against wear and tear.

You can use a design from our huge gallery of original designs and you can choose to customise the hinged top box exactly the way you want. We offer quality printing using a variety of techniques.

Our offerings include foil, heat, screen and digital printing, Embossing, engraving debossing, heat stamping and CMYK. And not only that you can also choose to use our die-cutting or windows cutting techniques to make the customised hinged top boxes match your brand.

Why Should You Choose Us:

We offer the cheapest wholesale rates in the market with a guarantee oftop quality products. We also give you a free hand in customizing these boxes. You can put your logo, images using our new printing and cutting technologies. The cherry on top out turn around time is the best among all.

Reverse Tuck End

Skillfully Crafted Custom Tuck End Boxes with Futuristic Designs

Digital Custom Boxes is an international packaging company that caters all kinds of presentable packaging needs and demands throughout the world. We strive to bring comfort and excellence to your doorsteps. If you are worried about the presentation of your product then it’s time we change that. Our custom reverse tuck end boxes offer the most elegant and cost effective packaging solutions to your essential products such as electronics, technology, cosmetics, dry food and much more.

The best part about these boxes are that they are shockingly easy to assemble and take about minimal amount of time saving your energy and labor cost. We produce wholesale reverse tuck end packaging in all sorts of shapes, versatile colours, inventive patterns and compelling designs. Any product you have can be packed smoothly in these boxes, you just have to share the details of your product and we will make a personalized reverse tuck end box for it.

Quick Turnaround Time & User-Friendly Rates

We understand how difficult it is to survive in today’s market and that’s why we provide the best quality boxes without putting a dent in your pocket and with super-quick turnaround time. Although we have a diverse range of designs available, we offer our customer the liberty of producing boxes with their own designs.

Share your ideas with us and let us make your boxes marvelous with our finishing options like gloss and matte lamination, spot UV coating and silver or gold foiling. To enhance your marketing and product’s reputation we use state of the art printing techniques like embossing, debossing, off-set, heat stamping, CMYK and PMS. Lastly we only produce boxes with materials that are not only durable but environment friendly like cardboard, eco-friendly Kraft, bux board and E-flute corrugated.

Reverse Tuck End With Lock

Long Lasting & Durable Custom Reverse Tuck End with Lock Boxes

All product manufacturers and retailers spend huge amount of money on advertising to make their products stand out among the products of same kind. However, some fail to recognize the importance of an impeccable presentation and this leads to their downfall. At Digital Custom Boxes, we strive to achieve excellence that is why every box we make is nothing short of magic. One of our most desired and preferred packaging is custom reverse tuck end with lock boxes, these boxes not only offer high level of protection but are also long lasting and compelling.

Our wholesale reverse tuck end with lock boxes consist of a lock which produces enough friction to make sure the box and encased product is safe whether they are in delivery process or on a retail shelve. These boxes can be sufficiently used for the packaging of delicate as well heavy product that require special care for instance skincare products, toys, colognes, and cosmetics.

Enthralling Designs, Inventive Printing & Irresistible Finishing Styles

We use inventive printing techniques like CMYK, PMS, embossing, debossing, heat stamping, and off set to give your custom reverse tuck end with lock packaging real to life colours with intriguing patterns and texture to allure more potential customers. We hold our customers’ trust very dear and that is why we only use cardboard, eco-friendly Kraft, paper sheet, bux board, and E-flute corrugated to produce these boxes. To top it all off. Our amazing finishing options like gloss or matte lamination, Spot UV coating, silver or gold foiling and perforations will leave your customers in a sense of aww in just a single glance.

Roll End Tray

Some of the cleanest look, easy to assemble, no glue, no staple and yet most reliable retail tray packaging are the Roll End Tray from Digital Custom Boxes. Made from highest quality most durable corrugated, cardboard or Bux board materials, these boxes use roll end friction and clip cutout locks that just fall into position upon easiest assembly requiring just a couple of steps for these to get into their required shapes.

Roll End Tuck Top


Among the many packaging options Digital Custom Boxes provide, Roll End Boxes with Lids are one of the most desired. And rightfully so! The breadth of products that can be stored and delivered in Roll End Boxes is limitless. These customisable boxes have dust flaps and cherry locks that keep your valuable products free from dust and damage during transit.


With free design support from our skilled experts the options with Digital Custom Boxes are endless. Want your Roll End Lid Box to reflect the boldness of the product inside it? Or give things a calm touch with cool, subdued and pastel tones? We do it all!

This three-layered box made with the material of your choice can be upgraded through unique printing finishes such as raised ink printing, embossing, debossing or fancy gold/silver foiling or a combination of any of these along with surface finish options like spot UV, matte, gloss laminations and many more!


We have been trusted by product manufacturers and logistics service providers across many industries for decades and not without reason! Our commitment to quality is like no other. Be it innovative chocolate boxes, coffee shipments or a place to keep your promotional pamphlets safe our Roll End Boxes with Lids have got you covered. These boxes are 100% recyclable.

The attractive designs will allow your customers to use these boxes to store precious jewellery, school supplies and even as storage units. We offer our clients free shipping as well as free die cutting . Get the most value out of your investment with Digital Custom Boxes.

Roll Ends With Lid

The three-layered corrugated, cardboard or Bux board materials can be customized with fancy cherry locks or the popular and reliable dust flaps that keep your valuable products free from dust and damage at all times. Get free shipping, free printing plates, and free cutting die equipment on your large bulk orders as well.

Seal End

Seal end boxes are more strengthen in quality due to sticky flap on one side and opening from other side. Easy to assemble and are able to hold heavy weights.

Seal End Auto Bottom

Providing auto lock bottom on one side and tuck end flaps on other side. More secured and easy to assemble. Can be used for multiple items and for heavy weight products. They can be folded down in to a flat shape and restored when stretched.

Seal End With Perforated Top

The importance of proper packaging can not be neglected in today’s market. More than half of the advertising and marketing depend upon the type of packaging that encloses your product.

By using our perforated top boxes, you can get an edge over your rivals. Our custom boxes won’t just help to draw customer’s attraction but they also increase the value of your products by giving it an extravagant look.

These boxes are made by using great quality corrugated cardboard, Kraft and paper box material. These are eco friendly and 100% natural. Our wholesale seal end boxes have their signature look of housing a perforated patch on the top. The reason it is perforated is that it will be easier to take out the patch creating a narrow opening.

Usually, these boxes are used for tissue papers, wipes, edibles or toys. But most commonly they are used as packaging for tissues. The top patch allows to easily take out the tissues or wipes. Their ideal size can have them placed anywhere. They are sturdy and are made by corrugated cardboard and paper products.

Completely customisable seal end with perforated top boxes

We offer our services with quickest turnaround time in the market. You can customise these boxes freely and utilize new printing methods likeFoil printing, screen printing, digital printing, screen printing, embossing, engraving, debossing to get your logo or brand’s name printed. You can add up handles or windows using die-cutting, scoring, creasing and other cutting techniques.

Seal End With Tear Open


In today’s world where consumers want the most bang for their buck it’s crucial that every aspect down from the actual product to the packaging it’s delivered in is literally perfect. Digital Custom Boxes brings you the solution to satisfy all your customers. Our Seal End with Tear Open Boxes provides the guarantee of unboxed products delivered securely to your customer. As providers it is our responsibility to ensure that all elements of the experience consumers have surrounding your product are picture perfect.


As we manufacture your product, we take into account the functionality of the Seal End Tear Open box in relation to your products protection. These easy to assemble boxes are shipped flat and can be ordered in various finishes, shapes and sizes.

What appeals to you most? A mirror like glossy surface or a low reflectivity matte? You choose we deliver. Flaunt your business details with style in one or a combination of embossed, foiled or raised ink printing techniques. Stand out with trendy metallic finishes or lend even more protection to your product with a gritty surface.

With an overwhelming number of options available and skyrocketing prices choosing quality packaging can be a daunting task. We don’t ask you to trust us. Digital Custom Boxes earns it! With no compromise on quality we provide the best rate on the market. Add-ons like free printing and delivery on wholesale orders secure you a deal like no other.