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Self Lock Cake Box

The retail market is growing every day which means the competition to win more customers is getting tougher every day. The companies are looking for innovative and creative ideas to draw the customers attention which ultimately increases the revenue.

Most of the bakery items especially cakes and pastries are very delicate and have intricate designs on them. Thedelivery and transportation of such delicacies must be made very carefully to cause minimal damage to them.

We, at The Digital Custom Boxes, provide you with the best quality packaging solutions in the cheapest wholesales rates in the market. Our packaging gives a splendid and attractive look to your product and makes it a stand out in the market.

Our Beautiful and Attractive Custom Cake Boxes:

We can help you to create an individual name for your brand in the market by helping you advertise your product in the best way. We manufacture the custom self-lock cake boxes using high-quality corrugated cardboard as well as Kraft paperboard material.

We can help you enhance their beauty by methods of embossing, debossing, digital and screen printing. We also employ different foil printing techniques to engrave the boxes making them more attractive. You can also avail die-cutting, scoring, through cutting to customize your packaging.

We offer our services in the best quality and never compromise on our client’s needs. Get your order delivered in the quickest turnaround time with top-notch quality that will set your brand apart from others.

Self-Locked Counter Display Tray

Improve Your Business with our Custom Self-Locked Counter Display Trays

Digital Custom Boxes offer a wide range of packaging solution for every type of product you own. So if you own a retail store, shop, or any kind of merchandise where you sell products, you should vouch for our wholesale self-locked counter display trays. Once you embellish your counter with these elegant custom self-locked display counter trays not only will your products look more appealing but your customers will feel tempted to get their hands on them.

You can have personalized self-locked counter display trays made in any shape, size, colour and styles. Similarly you can choose your preferred finishing option from gloss, UV, matte and AQ lamination to further increase the beauty of your product. Our additional styles like printing plates, perforations, die cuts and windows can also entice things up for your product. On top of that our gold, copper and silver foil stamping can give your boxes a whole new magical look.

Finest Class of Printing and Quickest Turnaround Time

We have always believed in serving our customers in the best possible ways to meet all their satisfaction levels and on time. Due to this reason we only use reliable materials like eco-friendly Kraft, E-flute corrugated, bux board and card board to make these boxes as these materials assure maximum protection of your product. Finally our printing methods like CMYK, PMS, heat stamping, off set and embossing not only help in engraving necessary product details on the boxes but also help in making your marketing strategy better.

Shirt Boxes

Clothing stores have shirts of different brands encased in unique and tempting Shirt Boxes. Most commonly these boxes have a large plastic or silicone window on the top to show off the shirt that is packed inside of them. This allows the customers to have a look at the original product and make the right choice in accordance to their desire. These boxes can be printed in all custom shapes and sizes. Useful information and branding can be printed on the boxes to aid up the customers in their selection of the right type of clothing material.

Side Lock Six Corner

One of the more secure and safe Packaging solutions for many different types of products is the Side Lock Six Corner Boxes. These have regular four sides when finished that can be altered in measurements to form rectangles or squares out of them, but they get their six corner name from the locking mechanism that forms six locking cuts on the two bigger sides.

Side Lock Tuck Top Display Box

A unique and stylish looking display box is exactly what you need to make your product a standout in the retail market. These unique looking side lock tuck top display boxes don’t just showcase your product but also protects them.They have non-glued side panels and a top removable lid.

Both the side cutout locks the entire display box from the bottom but also hold the sides firmly in place.You can also fold the top lid in half and get an additional advertising option for your firm and product. Our custom boxes work two way and serve their purpose efficiently.

Unique Custom Side Lock Tuck Top Display  Boxes:

We at The Digital Custom Boxes maintain top quality standards. Our manufactured products are sturdy, strong and durable as well. Our display boxes won’t just give attractive packaging but also bigger storage capacity.

The speciality of our display boxes is that they have enough space to hold multiple products in them. Their sturdy structure ensures product safety and displays them stylishly and uniquely.

Collaborate With Us:

We use printing techniques like lithography, relief, intaglio, foiling, screen printing, digital printing,embossing, engraving, debossing, CMYK, UV printingetc in designing these display boxes.

We can add handles, windows on these boxes by using Die-cutting methodslike through cutting, Flat bed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, laser cutting and digitalised die-cutting. You can avail these services in the fastest turn around time in the market and run your business like a pro.

Silver Foil Boxes

Silver foil boxes are a perfect addition to box collection. They provide a worthy and eye-catchy view of your products’ packaging. As the silver foil paper gets imprinted on the boxes it provides a great aesthetic appeal. They have become a preferred choice of various manufactures due to advanced features. It is impossible for the customers to stay away from the attractiveness of these boxes. People always go for the packaging which grasps the attention at first sight. Silver foil boxes alluring enough to increase the magnificence of the product. The shiny appeal enhances their beauty a step further.

Simplex Tray


Sometimes names speak for themselves. When it comes to packaging Simplex Trays are quite literally the simplest, most convenient and reliable form of boxes. Digital Custom Boxes brings to you the solution for all your pharmaceutical, prepared foods, cosmetics, grocery and retail product packaging needs.

Leave worries of packaging disasters behind with our customisable Simplex Trays. Our durable and fully customisable Simplex Trays have got your back with their double layered wall material that keeps your products safely tucked inside them.


You are who keep our business running so it goes without saying that offering you a friendly and smooth experience is our top most priority. We take it upon us to increase your products appeal for your consumer by providing you top notch quality wholesale Simplex Trays.

Our qualified experts will assist you in making a custom tray box that stands out in the market. We offer fancy printing and different surface finish options as well as many different colour combinations for your Simplex Tray to show off your products attractively on supermarket or retail store shelves. Digital Custom Boxes does not compromise on quality. We manufacture from the best available, eco-friendly corrugated cardboard with advanced printing techniques like offset, embossing, CMYK, debossing and laminations like spot UV, gloss or matte.

Ever agreed on a certain price but when the invoices come there are like a hundred hidden costs? That does not happen with Digital Custom Boxes. Along with the best quality, wholesale Simplex Trays we also promise you the lowest wholesale prices. Large bulk orders are shipped free of cost along with extra perks like free printing and die cutting. Choose us once and you’ll never turn back.

Six Panel Cd Jacket

Can’t get enough printing space for your great new CD launches, the Six Panel CD Jacket from Digital Custom Boxes provides the perfect solution. With the option of more than one disc storage, these jackets are the most functional for all your critical and important data including movies, software, demonstration or educational discs.

Six Pk Bottle Carrier

The Six PK Bottle Carrier packaging is your perfect solution for carrying around bottled beverages like sodas, beers, wine bottles or milk, etc.  Digital Custom Boxes offers highest quality carrier packaging that is delivered in compact folded form making shipping and storing much easier. We use high-quality durable materials and attractive accurate printed designs for your carrier boxes along with many different surface finish options.

Sleeve Boxes

Sleeves can be added to a box to enhance and accentuate the product packaged inside of them. Sleeve Boxes are a unique way to present and promote your product in the market. They are available in all custom shapes and sizes with as many additional sleeves as your product requires. The printing on these boxes can help them look more crafty and artistic in design and style.

Slope Top Reverse Tuck End

Successful marketing leads to an increase in revenue and sales in the retail market. If a product is not advertised properly then you can kiss goodbye to your hopes of increasing your revenue.

The retail market has its shelves covered with a variety of products. If you want to have a distinguished place for your product on those shelves, then you’ve come to the right place.

We provide you with some amazing packaging solutions for your products’ advertising. A sort of multipurpose packaging that not secures your product from any danger but also makes it a standout.  You can use these for pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food packaging

They have a tough structure that comprises of a friction lock and tapered panels. The wholesale custom boxes also have a tucked bottom closure. The locks and tapered panels protect the product from any harm and also keep it in place.

Customised slope top reverse tuck end boxes

We understand how important advertising is to promote your product. You can personalize it freely by adding your logo or decorative prints using printing methods like CMYK, debossing and embossinglithography, relief, intaglio, Foiling, screen printing, digital printing, UV printing.

We offer new die-cutting techniques like Flatbed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, laser cutting, digitalised die-cutting etc to add more features to our packaging

The biggest catch is that you get all of this in the fastest turn around time in the market. We are looking forward to collaborating and creating unique designs with you!

Snack Boxes

Durable, Safe and Captivating Custom Snack Boxes

With the ever growing needs and demands of humans, each day several new kinds of snacks are introduced in the world. Especially in this busy world, where we sometimes don’t have the time for proper meals, most of us opt for snacks that can satisfy our cravings. Their les consuming time and ready to eat feature attracts us all. However due to this fact, the snack manufacturing industry is getting competitive day by day. Every food chain owner is trying its best make their product come out on top of the market. In order to do so, they spend enormous amount of money on the packaging of their snacks to make them look more appealing and unique. At Digital Custom Boxes, we help you by producing the right custom snack boxes for your snacks to excel in this competitive industry and gain huge customer base.

Customized Snack Boxes at the Best Rates

We realize how essential it is for your snacks to stand out from the rest of the snacks stocked up at the retail shelves. Thus our inventive team goes above and beyond their ways to design custom snack packaging with such innovative and eye-catching styles that make customers fall for your snacks at the first glance. We use all sorts of materials like, silver papers, plastic sheets, and biodegradable papers to produce ideal wholesale snack boxes for you. Moving on to our printing techniques, we make no compromise on quality and use state of the art methods like embossing and debossing to print your company’s or brand’s logo on those boxes. So that you don’t have to worry about any details on the box getting smudged or blurred. For further queries, contact us and let us serve you with our fast and user-friendly services.

Soap Boxes

Custom designed, unique and bright Soap Boxes are undoubtedly the highlight of a retail market shelf. These boxes not only help in preserving the quality of the soap but also help to a great extent in promoting their respective brand. With their custom designs and artistic outlook, these boxes make a mark of their own in the business. Exclusive printing techniques, styles and themes are brought into implication to confer more beauty and uniqueness to these boxes.