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Software Boxes

Different types of software’s are introduced each day in the market. These software’s are encased in enticing and informative Software Boxes. These boxes have information regarding the software printed on them along with the originator’s information and company brandings. These boxes are available in all shapes and sizes and can be customized in numerous variations. Partitions and sub partitions, sleeves, custom inserts and die cut options can also be added to enhance the utility and purpose of the box.

Sports Boxes

Packaging of a product in the most supportive and attractive packaging is the prior most necessity of every person who is into the production and manufacturing industry. An elicit and captivating packaging not only provides the required support and protection to the product that is packaged inside of it, but also provides it that extra elevation and prominence on the market shelves that serves in to raise the product’s sales percentage and acceptance in the market. Same pertains to sports items, not only they require supportive and protective packaging, but they also require a packaging that is strong in its characteristics in such a way that it enhances the item’s popularity and prominence on the market shelves.

Square Box With Ladder Top

Fancy and Reliable Custom Square boxes with Ladder Top

If you deal with products such as food, bottled or something with a particularly narrow head, then you should opt for custom square boxes with ladder top. We at Digital Custom Boxes manufacture wholesale square boxes with ladder top that are preferred throughout the globe for their ability to keep the product encased safe, secure and presentable. These boxes are ideal for your business growth and making your stand out as the best in the market.

The usability of our custom square packaging with ladder top are not restricted to industrial use only, you can efficiently use them to present as a gift to someone dear to show love, respect or to make a good impression. Their catchy and unique look comes from their quadrangular box at the base and sloping flanks box at the top.  Moving on, these boxes can be produced in any size and colour of your demand. You can choose from our diverse range of styling options such as perforation, windows cutout and die-cuts to enhance the beauty of your boxes.

Endless Modifications, Finest Printing and Affordable Prices

We offer our customers the liberty of designing their own boxes if they desire to and our expert team will work coordinately with you to make your product give the best outlook possible. We have variety of finishing options that can help you achieve that outlook for instance gold or silver foiling, gloss or matte lamination, embossing and heat stamping. To top it all of our state of the art quality printing methods like CMYK, PMS and off-set are certain to make your boxes nothing short of magnificent. So get your impeccable boxes in no time and without even putting a dent in your pocket.

Straight Tuck End

Straight tuck end boxes contains tuck end closures are both ends. Can be used for variety of products. Simple to assemble and are much more time saving. Die cut window is possible on the front for the product visibility, The boxes can be produced with customized sizes as per request.

Straight Tuck With Customizable Window

For all your beautiful and worth showing retail products from different industries including technology, cosmetics, perfume, wearable tech or small to medium gifting ones, Digital Custom Boxes offers some of the most product highlighting Custom Straight Tuck with Customizable Window boxes.

Straight Tuck With Rise Up Insert

Are you an electronics start-up waiting for a breakthrough in the crushing market? Did it ever occur to you that Digital Custom Boxes’ custom-made Straight Tuck Boxes with a Rise Up Insert are quite literally the perfect quality packaging to impress hesitant customers? Not to brag but we are the best packaging providers on the market and partnering with us will be everything but a disappointment.


We design your Straight Tuck Boxes with the sharpest eye for detail. First look and the customer is captured by their distinct uniqueness! It’s important for us that the cut lock systems for our Straight Tucks are precisely die cut.

These boxes come with a rising insert packaging that uses a strong friction lock system to ensure that your goods are secure once packed. You can choose from different stock materials in variable thicknesses, according to your product’s weight. Satisfying you is our top priority. If it takes more than just a screen to convince you we also provide physical sampling.


You are the boss of your Straight Tuck with Rise Up Insert’s design. Every decision our experts finalise is made with accordance to our client’s unique taste and requirements. If you are concerned about the environmental implications of your personalised box you can opt for a recycled, eco-friendly cardboard.

To add depth to the character of your Rise Up Insert Straight Tuck we employ printing techniques like ink printing, embossing, and gold/foil stamping. These boxes are also available in various attractive finishes and colours. To top all of this Digital Custom Boxes offer you the lowest wholesale price and free shipping on wholesale bulk orders.

Suitcase Boxes

Managing and maintaining your workplace and categorizing your items both in offices and homes and most efficient storage of your fragile or small items is every one’s prior most and important concern. Orthodox storage boxes take much of your storage space and they cannot be efficient for small and miniature storage items such as nails, hooks, needles and so on. One feels the need of storage solution that can easily keep such items categorized and apart from each other.

T Box

Enhance Your Business with our Durable & Radiant Custom T-Boxes

T Boxes are known as the most versatile type of packaging. It is due the fact that custom T boxes can be utilized to pack almost any product ranging from food to small retails items and stationary to pharmaceuticals. At Digital Custom Boxes we offer the best quality wholesale T boxes that are produced only using durable and bio-friendly materials like corrugated paper sheet, card board, bux board and eco-friendly Kraft.

In addition to this, manufacture custom T packaging in sorts of shapes, colours, sizes and dimension. Whatever your desire shall be provided. Your goal is our goal. Our lavish gloss, UV or matte coating and laminations give these boxes an irresistible look. Although we use PMS and CMYK to print these boxes in radiant and real to life colours, in case you want your boxes to be unprinted our expert team can do that too. However printed boxes are more likely preferred because of their appealing characteristics and alluring features.

Super-Fast Delivery Time & Best Printing Methods

We utilize futuristic and skillful printing methods like embossing, debossing, off-set and heat stamping to engrave your brand’s logo and product’s detail on the box, this not only help in marketing but also gives your product a more professional look. We realize how hectic and aching long waits can be that is why we have quick turnaround time to avoid any unnecessary disturbances for our customers. Our staff at office is super-friendly so don’t hesitate sharing your ideas because we are here to help you.

Table Tents


A self-standing promotional unit created from printed and folded cardstock table tents are designed to be placed on tables, counters, desks, and other horizontal surfaces. Used widely in restaurants, hotels, showrooms or virtually any place where marketing communication might need to be displayed in a simple, yet effective format, table tents act as miniature billboards promoting any offers, events or special services your company has going on.

Digital Custom Boxes are here the design your desired table tent in variable and attractive shapes, sizes and colours. We will help you display information in an engulfing and creative manner with endless font styles and printing techniques. While the standard size for table tents is 4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 5.5”, we work closely with your requirements to provide a fit that best suites the aesthetic of your display.


What is it exactly that makes table tents so prolific? Digital Custom Boxes prints images in high resolutions. Our table tents make it that much easier to really get through to the customer by tickling their taste buds with tantalising images of your special molten lava cake.

Our custom table tents are famous among restaurant owners and not without reason! These have proven to encourage upselling beyond what traditional displays can do alone. To add an extra oomph, you can have your table tents have die cuts in them with exceptional printing like offset, CMYK, embossing, debossing, heat stamping and gloss, matte or UV lamination to enhance the look further.  After all it’s the tiniest details that enhance the appeal of what you are promoting.

All our clients are eligible for special discounts on bulk orders as well as free shipping. You can rest assured that your product is being manufactured from the best available, eco-friendly material in the market. Our designers make no compromises on quality whatsoever. Our team values your input and the customer service department is at your service all the time to clear concerns and queries.

Tags Printing


Finalising the last touches on your product to perk their uniqueness? With Digital Custom Boxes’ intricately curated tags you have just the right weapon to stand out in the product army. From silk to custom coloured hang tags Digital Custom Boxes is here to facilitate your tag journey. Tags serve as posters and vendors for the good on retail shelves. Today, where everyone is competing to provide cheaper alternatives to existing luxury labels, tags are not an area to cut corners on quality.

Digital Custom Boxes produce tags on a wide array of printing equipment. Similar to the importance we place in material quality, it’s crucial to us that the press operator has the right skills and experience to make your tags meticulous.

Using high quality flexographic and digital printing techniques like debossing, embossing, offset, CMYK and others to give excellent ink coverage, our accurate, vivid colour reproduction and razor-sharp registration bring your tag designs to life. Further, we can enhance the look with different laminations such as gloss, matte or UV finish and die cutting.


One of Digital Custom Boxes’ core values is ensuring a lucrative customer experience by ensuring that all their products give off a professional look. Our tags live a long life. We guarantee that these don’t fade or cripple. Your customer can continue to spread word about your brand through your label when a top they buy from you gets them compliments from all their friends and family.

Our team values your demands and always provide our client with exactly what they had in mind, sometimes even better! Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We offer free shipping on bulk orders.

Tea Boxes

Tea is one of the most frequently used beverages across the world, and when we talk about its manufacturers, the competition is getting tougher due to the launch of products of same kind, as a result each manufacturer is spending a large amount on its advertisement and their product presentation. So if you are looking for some elite and eye catching designs for your tea box packaging contact us at Digital Custom Box. We offer our services for personal as well as commercial purposes. We make sure that our Custom Tea Box is designed in such way that it would give a strong competition to each firm. We are well known for our admirable Wholesale Tea Packaging. Moreover, our marvelous printing methods like embossing, debossing and heat stamping can write each and every detail regarding your product. Our services can also be used to create customized tea boxes in all kind of shapes and designs.

Premium Quality Packaging

If you already have a design or artwork designed for your Custom Tea Packaging then we will produce your box with our premium quality packaging, where you can choose material that suits your product like glass, tin plating or aluminum. In addition to that, we also provide standup pouches madeof paper and plastic that provide a sensible and on top of that an attractive approach for tea packaging. We believe that your Custom tea box design deserve a refreshing feel with attractive natural images and classical color scheme that we have.

We offer our services at user friendly rates so contact us at Digital Custom Box for further support and assistance.

Tie Boxes

Custom designed Tie boxes are unique and classy in their design and style. These boxes usually have a look through window to let the customers have a look at the original item that is packed inside. Additional information about the cloth and material used during the production of the tie is printed on the box to help the customer make the right choice of clothing suitable for them. They are available in all shapes and sizes. Additional printing styles can be implemented to achieve the best desired goals.

Toy Boxes

Toys are kid’s favorite items. They are an object of joy and everything bright and colorful and cheerful is associated with them. Toy Boxes are crafted in such a way that they go hand in hand in style and vivaciousness with the product that is packed inside them. These boxes can be obtained in all shapes and sizes with abundant customization options. The printing on these boxes can also be amplified and enhanced with special printing techniques to make the box look attractive and alluring for the audience.

Tray and sleeve Box

Make Your Product Exclusive with our Custom Tray & Sleeve Boxes

In today’s world the presentation of a product matter just as much as the quality of the product perhaps more. That is why you have to pay even more attention to the outlook of your product. At Digital Custom Boxes, we hold years of experience from all around the globe and we cater all kinds of packaging need. So if you want to outgrow your competition and achieve the success you are looking for opt to our custom tray and sleeve boxes. We aim to create boxes with futuristic and modern designs to enhance the class and style of your product.

Once your small products are packed in these impeccably designed and beautifully colouredwholesale tray and sleeve boxes there’s no stopping for your product to stand out as the top product among the products of same kind. Our custom tray and sleeve packaging can not only be used for commercial purposes but for gift purposes as well. You can encase a pen, wallet, jewelry or cufflinks in these boxes and watch the recipients’ smile the moment they see the box.

High Quality Manufacturing Material, State of the Art Printing and Vivacious Designs

One thing we hold most dear is the trust of our customers that is why we always use high quality materials like eco-friendly Kraft, E-flute, corrugated cardboard and bux board to produce these boxes. Similarly, our printing methods like embossing, debossing, off-set, heat stamping, PMS, CMYK and foiling are state of the Art class. Finally we are firm believer of the phrase that our word is our bond and that is why we always deliver on time, no delays at all.

Triangular Tray Lid


Supporting a simple, adhesive and staple free, clip-in friction lock design our customisable Triangular Tray Lids are ideal for carrying your delicate items or food products in a customary and compact way. Digital Custom Boxes promise you protective packaging with the guarantee of the highest quality, most durable and rigid materials in the market for your Triangular Tray Lid Box.


Here at Digital Custom Boxes we customise your Triangular Lids right from the first cut. Your boxes are die-cut, glued, scored and perforated with the utmost dedication poured into each step. Our material comes from the best suppliers on the market and is specifically cut by our trained designers to suit your needs.

Our specialists are known for integrating the finest printing methods, such as elevated ink printing, embossing and gold / foil stamping, adding to the appeal of your Triangular Lid. Your approval is our highest priority. To give your sales an extra boost we provide different surface finishes such as spot UV, elegant rough matte or shiny posh gloss in almost any colour imaginable. Don’t believe us? We also provide physical sampling so you’re convinced of the quality before commit.


We drive immense pleasure by providing our customers affordable and unique Triangular Trays and many more cardboard packaging products that help keep their products safe. We don’t do business with you we make lifelong partnerships! Digital Custom Boxes offers you high-end packaging with very lucrative bulk packaging add-ons such as free delivery, free die cutting and premium printing.

Truffle Boxes

Make your truffles even more presentable with our Custom Truffle Boxes

Truffles are the most sweetest and adorable things to present someone as gifts. What better way to make a gift even more captivating then presenting it in a stunning truffle packaging. So if you want to put a big smile on a dear one’s face then opt for Digital Custom boxes. With our diverse experience from all over the world, we can make a truffle box so unique and lavish that any individual will be left shocked by their presentation. We realize your feelings associated with the gift that is why we make it certain that our custom truffle boxes meet all your demands properly. During the production process of our wholesale truffle boxes, we utilize only the best quality materials like cardboard or Kraft to keep your truffle safe from any pollutant in the atmosphere. However, if you already have a design for your truffle box in mind, feel free to share as our user-friendly creative team will still assist you with no questions asked.

State of the Art Printing with Inventive Effects

Wide range of customization option available at Digital Custom Boxes gives you the liberty of choosing any structure, dimension, size or colour for your custom truffle packaging. On top of that, due to our state of the art printing methods such as heat stamping, off-set, deboss and emboss, you can have any theme, effect or lamination printed on your personalized truffle boxes. We believe in serving our customers in the best of ways possible. So don’t hesitate and contact us to get a quote.