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Tuck End Auto Bottom

Tuck End Auto bottom boxes are pre-glued and can be folded down in to flat shape. Can be used for heavy items and shipping purpose. Easy to assemble boxes with a bottom lock with tucked in flap provides more durability.

Tuck End Cover

We use high-quality, sturdy materials that can be finished in many different surface finish options and can have any brand name or product branding printed right on their front or backsides. Select from different cardstock options and get your packaging delivered to your doorstep fast and free on large wholesale orders.

Tuck End Snap Lock Bottom

The innovative style in the category of custom lock boxes. It’s none other than the tuck end snap lock bottom boxes. They are very stylish and give your product a unique and distinguished overall look.

They protect your product by keeping it securely locked in its place and makes it more attractive because of decorative packaging. We make your product more prominent and a stand out in the market.

Their speciality is the presence of a friction lock which prevents the products from moving around by keeping it tucked-in securely. While the four flaps enclose the product entirely.

These wholesale tuck end snap lock bottom boxes have a very strong structure and their bottom lock allows them to carry lightweight as well as some heavyweight products too. You can use these for the packaging of food, toys, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Durable and Elegant Customisable Tuck End Snap Bottom Lock Boxes:

We let you customize these boxes by adding logos and designs using printing techniques like debossing, digital printing, CMYK, heat stamping and foiling lithography. We also engrave our packaging by foiling and embossing methods creating attractive looks.

You can also utilize the cutting techniques to add handles, cutouts or windowsby die-cutting, scoring, creasing, perforating Flatbed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, laser cutting digitalised die cutting methods.

We pride ourselves in providing you with all these services in the market best turn-around time and the best quality. Let us work together to create some innovative designs!

Tuck With Bellow Dust Flap Lock

For all the technology, cosmetics, and prepared foods products that would prefer not to be exposed to any dust at all in their packaging boxes, the perfect Tuck with Below Dust Flap Lock packaging from Digital Custom Boxes provides the best solution. These have a customary dust flap within the lid covering the products efficiently keeping them away from all the dust that might enter through the opening.

Two Panel Cd Jacket

Digital Custom Boxes are disc jacket experts, and we deliver our wholesale clients the most affordable prices along with attractive bulk offers that include free shipping all over the USA and doesn’t add any extra costs like the printing plates or cutting die equipment costs to their invoices.

Two Piece

Impeccably Designed & Skillfully Crafted Custom Two Piece Boxes

Whether you are just a start up or a leading brand in the market, the advertising process is hectic and heart aching. Then comes the second part the presentation of your product in an elegant, classy and alluring manner to stand out in present era’s tough market. At Digital Custom Boxes, we have just the packaging to make your product center of everyone’s attention, custom two piece boxes. By encasing your precious and valuable products like colognes and apparel gifts in our lavish wholesale two piece boxes not only will you grab great deal of customers but your product will also remain unharmed.

Our expert team go to great lengths to make sure your custom two piece packaging is exactly how your desired it be. We utilize top notch class materials like eco-friendly Kraft, E-flute corrugated, cardboard, paper sheet and bux board to manufacture these boxes for ultimate protection of your product.

Variety of Modifications, Endless Finishing Options & Fast Turnaround Time

Despite our wide range of designs available we offer our customers the liberty of coming up with their own designs and then our expert team with their years of experience help you by making that design nothing short of marvelous. Our finishing options like gloss, matte or Spot UV coating add a touch of sensation to your boxes.

Moving on, our styling options like die cutting, scoring and perforation lines give your boxes an even more appealing and professional look. Lastly, our printing methods like CMYK, PMS, embossing, debossing and heat stamping add the last touch of perfection to your boxes. The plus for you is we have a record of fastest turnaround time so you won’t have to wait longfor your order.

Vinyl Banners


Designing an effective vinyl banner isn’t an easy task. It takes a team of skilled and experienced experts to get everything right down from the quality to the graphics to be on point. Whether you’re looking to make a statement at your birthday party or boost sales with an award-winning billboard Digital Custom Boxes are just the right door to knock at.

The sole objective of a vinyl banner is to attract attention from afar. To achieve this Digital Custom Boxes lays special emphasis on key elements like placement, font and colours. We use the latest printing techniques such as offset, CMYK, debossing, embossing and others with special lamination finishing like gloss, matte or UV to give unique look to your banners.

We work closely with our client to land on a design and colour that’s unanimous with their business while contrasting enough with the intended placement so it catches the viewers’ eye.

Our banners are always a success. The key is simplicity. We navigate through the entire identity of our client’s brand to boil everything down to its essence and have that be what the banner reads.

Most of your target audience are usually passers-by. They don’t have the time and maybe even the energy to skim through paragraphs. By removing all unnecessary information our customised banners communicate your message in as little time as possible with little to no effort on the readers’ end.


Our use of high-resolution images in your banners is guaranteed to entice viewers. The combined use of aqueous, eco solvent and UV curable inks adds to the durability of the banner. All this quality at the lowest market prices? You’d be surprised but Digital Custom Boxes offer that to you along with free shipping on bulk orders. Indoor, outdoor, sports, promotional and canvas banners are our speciality. Choose us and you’ll run back for more!

Wedding Card Boxes

Wedding is a person’s lives most memorable and cherished occasion. Everyone tries to make this very event of their life the most memorable one in each and every possible way. From sending out invitations to planning venues and clothing for the event, people try to experiment new and out of the way things to make this event memorized for a long time in the minds of the people invited at them. Wedding Card Boxes are becoming more and more popular due to this race of out of the box planning.These boxes are available in all custom shapes and sizes, they can be decorated with several aiding ornaments and can be printed with numerous stylizing, theme oriented and artistic options.

Wine Bottle Carriers

We at The Digital Custom Boxes believe in perfection. Wine bottles are used to be given as a gift to not just your clients but they are also given as a heartfelt present to your loved ones. The wine bottles are made up of glass and are very delicate and fragile. They need to be encased in a packaging that doesn’t just keep them secure but also beautify their charm.

We offer you custom wine bottle carriers that increase the exquisite look of wine bottles. We make your wine bottles a standout in the shelves of the retail market. Our packaging is sturdy, handy and comes in splendid looks that helps to individualise your brand and product.

Exquisite and Royal Custom Printed Wine Bottle Carriers:

We provide our services in the quickest possible turnaround time in the market. We offer you a rich catalogue of custom wine bottle carriers that you can choose from or customise them as per your preferences.

Easy to Assemble and Beautiful Custom Wine Carriers

We utilize embossing and foiling techniques to engrave the carriers with beautiful designs. We also offer screen printing, digital printing, CMYK, UV printing, hot stamping, lithography, relief and intaglio to add up logos and images or colours on your carriers.

In the manufacturing process, we use eco-friendly corrugated cardboard material and also Kraft and Paperboard material. You can add handles and front windows on these using die-cutting, through cutting, perforating, creasing, scoring, flatbed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, laser cutting.


Wine Boxes

Wine is considered as the most ideal gift for particular events like Christmas, Thanksgiving, wedding showers, family get together, house warming parties etc. To cherish these special moments wine is one of the most delightfulthings to be presented as a gift. So you need a proper Wine box packaging to make it look more elegant and for that you need to visit Digital Custom Box.As we offer the most stylish designs that makeyour delicate gifts extra special with our CustomWine Boxesthat come in all kind of sizes, shapes, designs and colors. These boxes give access to easy handling and offer stress-free transportation for the wine bottles without causing any external harm to the bottles. We are well known for our excellent and strong Wholesale wine Packaging along with the astonishing printing methods like embossing, debossing and heat stamping to write all the details properly that make your products remarkable for the objective audience.

Premium Quality Packaging

In addition to this, our services are reliable and remarkably quicker and we also offer Premium Wine Custom Packagingat user friendly price rate where we give you an opportunity to show the brand name of your wine infinest quality custom designed wine boxes. If you plan to present wine on special events like Christmas or weddings, we’ll provide you with personalized and elite designed wine boxes that can contribute toward the warmth and spirit of the occasion with exotic themes and color schemes which complement the occasion. So think no more and contact us on Digital Custom Box for more queries.