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Die Cut Boxes

Retail products and other items that require packaging are efficiently and beautifully packed up in highly customized Die Cut Boxes. These boxes can be of any shape and size thanks to the high tech die cut machinery and technology. These boxes can protect and preserve even the most delicate and the most intricate of items. Available in all shapes and sizes they can also be decorated and branded with numerous printing options.

Disc Folder


Building on a decade’s long heritage of providing quality packaging, you can rely on Digital Custom Boxes to provide convenient and innovative packaging solutions to all your CD and DVD storage needs. Our customised Disc Folders are great for music singles, handing out at trade shows, self-promotion, or for selling at gigs.

An attractive alternative to jewel cases, our eco-friendly CD jackets are made from sturdy 15-point grade-A, recycled board stock. We craft these Disc Folders to perfection from only the finest materials, including full-colour printing, using only non-toxic, biodegradable inks for a rich, vibrant look that is unsurpassed in the industry.


You’d be surprised by how even at such an affordable wholesale rate your Disc Folders end up looking like a million bucks. That’s all thanks to our premium UV coating that not only provides a superior finish but also makes our jackets last ten years longer than the competition. Make each folder unique to the CD it holds by extra detailing like window cuts or scored edges.

The data storing world might be constantly evolving but nothing beats the sentimental value a CD has. You can choose between a rigid or a semi rigid disc depending on how delicate or rough you are while handling your CDs. You can also have high quality images be printed on these protecting discs as well as text printed in one or a combination of printing techniques like foiling and embossing. Seal the deal with free shipping and extra perks like free die cut equipment and you are all set!


Some of the most suitable countertop display boxes for many small products usually displayed in a stack formation and removed from the bottom of the boxes conveniently such as, chocolates, sweets, packets of different utility items or other packaged small sized products are the Custom Dispenser boxes from Digital Custom Boxes. These are manufactured from highly rigid and non-bendable materials with a bottom oriented convenient opening that makes sliding products out very easy and the full open top sides make storing products inconvenient as well. With many customization options, these are offered at cheapest wholesale prices and with attractive bulk orders, add-ons including free shipping, free printing, and free cutting die equipment as well.

Display Box Auto Bottom


Let your product stand out from competitors in a style that will boost sales. Display boxes are usually positioned near the counter or in crowded locations where people are free like waiting rooms etc.

Although the auto bottom feature does not play a major role in the sale of the commodity, it saves time and money and improves efficiency. Shipped flat, our Auto Bottom Display Boxes feature an extended flap at the end that is called a display lid. This lid is used for branding information.


The sides of the customisable Display Box also contain branding features. These can be customised with varying finishes like matte, metallic or glossy. Have your business’ information be printed in a combination of one or more advanced printing techniques like UV spotting, embossing or foiling.

Have your Display Box be made from wide variety of the best quality, eco-friendly material available in varying grades and thicknesses. Digital Custom Boxes perfect your product to perfection through intricate die cut shapes and designs as well as surface options that makes them cohesive with your product’s character.

All of this at a guaranteed lowest wholesale price makes Digital Custom Boxes the perfect option for you. On large bulk order we offer free delivery, free premium printing and free die cutting as well. Still doubtful? We provide physical sampling if you ask so you are fully convinced of quality before you commit.

Display Boxes

Skillfully Crafted Custom Wholesale Display Boxes

The marketing world is hectic and very cruel, no matter how good your product is if your marketing strategy is not concrete your product will suffer the consequences. One way to boast your marketing strategy is to ensure that your product’s presentation is nothing short of magical. Custom Display Boxes are an incredible way to showcase your products.

We offer customised display boxes in all shapes, sizes, dimensions and colors. You can have your display box made exactly the way your product demands. Our pioneering finishing options add to the beauty of your products. Our Custom Display Packaging is not only ensured to grab customer’s attention but to distinguish your product from the rest as well.

Custom Display Boxes for every Product

At Digital Custom Boxes, we strive to meet the ever demanding needs of our customers to the fullest and serve them in the best way possible. If you own a brand with a wide ray of different products, well don’t worry we have got a unique lavish box for every product you own, you need not to go elsewhere.

Our customisations possibilities allow you to choose how you want your product to be displayed. If you want something to be displayed solo, our team of experts is guaranteed to come up with something so trendy that every individual will want to get their hands on your product.

If you want two or more products displayed together, we have got your back, a solution to all your printing worries is under the same roof. We make use of vivacious, trendy and unique design techniques such as embossing, debossing, heat stamping, offset, CMYK, etc. to make lavish custom designed display boxes that gives your products success and your brand a reputable identity in market.

Document Folder

Keep your Documents Safe & Beautifully Organized in Custom Document Folders

There is no denying the fact that in present era documents are just as much important and valuable as gold or money. There is a document for everything you own, everything you do and even documents for anywhere you go. And if you unfortunately misplace or lose an important document, your whole life can become extremely difficult for you. In order to save you from all these mishaps and worries, we at Digital Custom Boxes offer the best custom document folders that are guaranteed to not only keep your documents safe but also well organized.

When we talk about protection, it’s not just from your mistakes but from environmental factors as well like dust, dirt and humidity. Our wholesale document folders provide you an elegant and clean way of keep your documents safe under all harsh conditions whether it be during traveling or just the office desk.

Get a more Personalized Document Folder

You either choose from the wide range of designs we have or come up with one of your designs, whatever the case our expert team will always be there to assist you. We can help you make a more personalized document folder by using our incredible finishing options like gloss or matte lamination, spot UV, and silver or gold foiling. To make sure your document folder gives a classy look we only use high quality cardboard, eco-friendly Kraft, E-flute corrugated, and bux board. To top it all off, our inventive printing techniques such as CMYK, embossing, debossing and heat stamping can help you add your office or company logo on top of the folder. The best thing about Digital Custom Boxes is that we aim to provide our customers reliable services with a quick turnaround time.

Donut Boxes

Your All-time favorite Donuts in Best Custom Donut Boxes

Donuts are one of the most delightful treats people crave for. It is mostly used as a dessert on many occasions like anniversaries, family get together or house parties etc. So to make them look more fascinating for your objective audience, we at Digital Custom Boxes cater to all kind of packaging needs. We offer Donut Custom Packaging with all kind of shapes sizes designs and color schemes. In addition to that we provide our services for personal as well as commercial purposes. With our charming color schemes and some eye catching art work it will look more delicate and presentable to your guests or friends. Our Wholesale Donut Packaging not only restrict to the visual purposes but will also help you to protect and maintain the refreshing smell and taste of your mouth-watering donuts.

Healthy, Secure and Durable Packaging

However, if you already have designs planned or drawn on anything, we will make them exactly the way you planned with our state of the art printing methods like embossing, debossing and heat stamping. We can create customized Donut Packaging in all kind of structures and styles. We have the finest paper board as well as plastic boxes due to which all products are recyclable and can be burned after use.

Most importantly our services are extremely economical, user friendly and remarkably quicker from others. We try our best to satisfy our customer at all cost. So without any second thought contact us at Digital Custom Boxes to get your desired Donut Box.

Door Hanger

Get Excellently Designed Custom Door Hangers for Any Place

Custom Door Hangers have been quite a phenomenon for now, numerous businesses make use of door hangers for different purposes ranging from promoting their own business to a sophisticated business door hanger for notification and from classy displays to trendy honeymoon door hangers. At Digital Custom Boxes, we offer solutions to all your needs and demands at the same place with best quality and highly competitive prices. Our wholesale door Hangers can be efficiently used for restaurants, offices, hotels, shops or any place you desire.

All you have to do is share the details of what place do you want a door hanger for and for what purpose that’s it, leave the rest to us we will make the most impeccable and enticing door hanger that will not only serve your purpose but also look good.

Customised Door Hangers & Speedy Turnaround Time

Our first and foremost priority is your trust and we go above and beyond our ways to help make sure your personalized door hangers are exactly how you desired them to be. For that purpose we offer a whole ray of customisation options for you to choose from like gloss or matte lamination, UV coating, and foiling.

Moving on, with our state of the art class printing methods like CMYK, PMS, embossing and heat stamping you don’t have to worry about your door hanger fading colour. The materials we use to make these door hangers are environmental friendly as well as durable such as cardboard. So what’s the hold up, visit our website and get stylish door hangers at a speedy turnaround time.

Double Glue Side Wall

Just as their name suggests, these are some of the most secure packaging options for retail products of many types. Having double glued side walls, these keep your packaged food, cosmetics, technology, gifts, decorative or many other distinct types of retail or storage products in them safely for as long as required. Digital Custom Boxes provides you some of the sturdiest Custom Double Glue Side Wall boxes customized to perfection for your specific products highlighting your brand and product names efficiently while keeping them safe and sound. We offer our packaging at cheapest wholesale prices and on large orders, you can also avail our free shipping along with free cutting and printing equipment as well.

Double Glued Side Wall Tray and Sleeve

Maximum Safety & Graciously Designed Custom Double Glued Side Wall Tray & Sleeve

Undeniably, most of the products you order online are frequently damaged sometimes due to the delivery service providers and sometimes because of your poor choice of packaging. To have your product not reaching its destination safely is a real worry because that might affect your clientele. At Digital Custom Boxes, we offer a solution to every packaging issue. To ensure the safety of your products we have just the kind of packaging you need, custom double glued side wall tray and sleeve boxes. These boxes will not only protect your products from any wear and tear in all harsh condition but with their sophisticated designs also impress your customers.

Our wholesale double glued side wall tray and sleeve boxes have the most reliable and sturdy structure any that any packaging could have, their double glued walls makes them a perfect partner for your product. They can be efficiently used for packing food, electronics, gifts, bakery products, cosmetics, decorative and all sorts of different products.

Attractive Colour Patterns & Striking Printing Techniques

We realize how eminent it is for the packaging to not only be durable but look appealing as well so that it can allure more customers. That is why we utilize techniques like CMYk and PMS for top notch quality printing. Similarly, we only make custom double glued side wall tray and sleeve packaging with materials that are long lasting as well as offer high durability. For instance Kraft, eco-friendly cardboard, E-flute corrugated and bux board. We provide our services at incredibly affordable rates and speedy turnaround time.

Double Locked Wall Lid

Your expensive and fancy products deserve some good quality protection, and the Double Locked Wall Lid boxes from Digital Custom Boxes bring you just that. As their self-explanatory name suggests, these have double locked walls and lids that stay safe and secure on your products no matter how rough they are handled.

Double Wall Display Lid

Showcase your Product in an Irresistible way with Custom Double Wall Display Lid Box

Numerous product producers are creating the same kind of products around the globe. Due to this reason the competition in market is getting tougher and tougher day by day. Every manufacturer wants its product to be the best and in order to do so they utilize various types of packaging to make their products look more compelling and captivating. We at Digital Custom Boxes realize that the key to success is appearances. No matter how good your product be, if the packaging is not eye catching your product will not reach its true potential. To overcome this dilemma we have just the thing you need, custom double way display lid boxes.

Our wholesale double wall display lid boxes can be used to showcase various types of product in an irresistible way. They consist of four walls, three of same size and fourth one is a little longer in length because it is used to advertise the product inside.

Top of the Line Material, Advanced Printing Methods & Reliable Services

The reason why you should choose us is because we only use top of the line quality material to produce your custom double wall display lid packaging such as card board, eco-friendly Kraft, E-flute corrugated and bux board. When it comes to printing methods, you don’t have to worry about your company logo or product information getting smudged or losing colour because we apply advanced techniques like CMYK, PMS, embossing, debossing, heat stamping, off set and foiling to ensure perfect reliability.

Double Wall Frame Tray

Somewhat heavy and expensive products such as beauty items, prepared foods, electronics or some technology products need the extra assurance of safe and secure packaging that can not only look great but also absorb much of the impacts laid out on their surfaces from falls or mishandling activities. The perfect Custom Double Wall Frame Tray packaging from Digital Custom Boxes provides just that. The double wall frame keeps the two walls at equal gaps from each other providing shock absorption of the highest quality and you can customize these just the way you want and get cheapest wholesale prices with free shipping, free printing, and free cutting equipment on large bulk orders.

Double Wall Frame Tray Lid

Precisely Crafted & Long Lasting Custom Double Wall Frame Tray Lid Boxes

Custom double wall frame tray lid boxes are among the most durable and long lasting packaging styles in the market. No matter how heavy, fragile or valuable your product is these boxes are ideal companion for your business. At Digital Custom Boxes, we design the most secure and innovative wholesale double wall frame tray lid boxes that will not only surge the sales of your product but also give them a mesmerizing outlook. These boxes have two layers of distinct walls separated in equal gaps and a closing lid to keep your product safely encased as long as you desire.

The exceptional material we use to make these wholesale double wall frame tray lid packaging involves cardboard, e-flute, eco-friendly Kraft and corrugated bux board. We produce these boxes in all sorts of shapes, radiant colours and versatile designs as per your requirements with speedy turnaround time.

Smooth Surface Finishing & Attractive Printing

Our team at the office is friendly and extremely cooperative so don’t hesitate sharing your ideas with us. Your ideas and our attractive printing techniques like CMYK, embossing, debossing and heat stamping combined can create such a unique box that your products will jump right off the retail store shelves and into the shopping list of your customers. To add icing on top, our finishing options like matte or gloss lamination, spot UV coating and silver or gold foiling will make your box’s surface so smooth that people will definitely want to get their hands on your product regardless of their need for it.

Double Wall Tray

These have double layered walls that give them their characteristic strength and durability along with the fine finishes and attractive colors and Printed designs that make your products that much attractive while they sit on supermarket or retail store shelves. We also provide fast and free UK wide delivery on bulk orders along with no additional costs for the cutting die equipment or the printing plates as well.

Double Wall Tuck Front

These double wall tuck end boxes are no glued item. Side panels are rolled to get the box in finish shape. Most innovative design with dust flaps and cherry locks. The additional front panel is extended with two cherry lock at both ends which provides more durable structure. Ideally used for heavy items.