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Double Wall Tuck Top

The retail market is getting more and more competitive every day. You have to be either innovative in marketing your brand or be at risk of staying in the background. There are many ways through which brands promote their product and the most effective way is to advertise your brand properly.

We offer you great packaging solutions that don’t just promote your product but also advertise your entire brand in the retail market. Our tuck top box is the kind of packaging that draws attention and gains more customers.

You can use these tuck top boxes to package food and cosmetic products. They are not just sturdy, keeping your products safe but also attractive, gaining everyone’s attention.

Their key feature is the presence of non-glued tray and a lid with side flaps. These side flaps act as a locking mechanism. Additionally, they have three tuck flaps acting as a locking mechanism as they extend the entire length of the bottom.

Attractive Yet Cost-Effective Solution:

We can help you customize these boxes as per your preferences. We can beautify these custom boxes using CMYK, digital printing, embossing, debossing, heat stamping, foiling etc. They make the packaging stylish and elegant in catching everyone’s attention.

Moreover, we only use high-quality, corrugated cardboard material in their manufacturing. You can add handles and windows on these boxes by using our die-cutting, scoring and other printing techniques etc. We provide these services while maintaining the quickest turnaround time in the market.

Easel Counter Display

The Point of Sale (POS) or Point of Purchase (POP) special Easel Counter Display pieces from Digital Custom Boxes are the best options for brands and products to advertise themselves occupying places right in the eye-lines of every customer that walks towards them to pay for whatever they might have purchased. We provide highest quality Easel displays made from sturdy non-bendable materials with a supportive latch at their backside that allows them to stall tall display whatever brand or product information printed on them. Available in many different printing and surface finish options, these are offered at cheapest wholesale prices with free shipping, free cutting, and free printing equipment on large bulk orders.

Easel Display Stand

Vivaciously Printed & Attractively Designed Custom Easel Display Stand

A billing or checkout counter should always be embellished with attention seeking custom easel display stands because an empty billing counter looks weird and gives a wrong vibe of your retails store, supermarket or drug store. Wholesale easel display stands come in handy when you want to sell your compact sized products like gums, candies, chocolates, lip balms, syringes and various other products. At Digital Custom Boxes, we offer the most attention striking and compelling custom easel display stands in the whole market.

We utilize highest quality materials like cardboard, Kraft, eco-friendly bux board and e-flute corrugated that are die cut on advanced and top of the line cutting die machines ensuring accurate designs and product dispensing or leaflet showing cutouts. In addition to this, our customisable easel display boxes are long lasting and made to with stand any harsh condition possible. You can have these display stands made in any radiant colour, imaginative design and shape as per your product’s requirements.

Captivating Finishing Options & Quick Delivery Time

Furthermore, we apply top of the line finishing techniques like gloss or matte laminations, embossing, Spot UV, and silver or gold foiling that certainly make your product’s outlook the center of customers’ attention. You can add necessary information and brand’s logo on top of the box with the help of our advanced printing techniques like off set, debossing, heat stamping, CMYK and PMS. We strive to make your experience comfortable and satisfactory so don’t hesitate sharing your ideas. Your goal is our goal.

Economy Disc Folder

Best and Finest Custom Eco-friendly Boxes

The world is evolving, as is every industry’s policy regarding their products. With our environmental conditions worsening at such a quick pace, almost all companies are getting worried over the utilisation of our natural resources, which is quite a good thing. If you want to play a positive role and contribute to environment you should vouch for eco-friendly boxes.

At Digital Custom Boxes, we produce the best and finest environmental friendly boxes at reasonable rates. We are committed and dedication to serve our customers in best of the ways. Our experience and premium quality work speaks for itself. We can make your idea a reality. Our experts are friendly, helpful and skilled in making it simple for everybody to share their requests and desires.

Undeniably the most Environment Friendly Custom Box in Premium Quality

At Digital Custom Boxes, we use the most eco-friendly materials available to produce bags. Other environmental friendly materials we use include soy-based ink, water-based coatings and breeze power. On top of that we own a huge recycling program. If you are looking for a top notch custom eco-friendly box then Digital Custom Boxes is the real deal.

Our wholesale eco-friendly packaging comes in every imaginable shape and size. Whether it be a square, rectangle, pentagon, pinnacle etc. You just have to express your idea and let us do the magic. To top it all off we offer our service in an extraordinarily fast turnaround time and competitive prices as compared to the rest of market.

Eyeliner Boxes

Trendy Eyeliner Boxes

Every woman wants to dress well and stay up to date with current trends and fashion styles. Makeup is one of the most significant accessory of women’s daily lives. There’s no denying the fact that women love shopping especially for makeup and striking eyeliner boxes are sure to attract their attention.

Let’s just agree that most important thing about a woman is her eye. That is why eyeliner are something women are very sensitive and picky about as it is hold a great deal of value for them. An eyeliner is one of those makeup parts you have to be extra careful about. The perfect care for eyeliner is a skillfully-crafted custom designed Eyeliner Box. A box that not only keeps your eyeliner safe at all times but also give your eyeliner a trendy and fashionable look.

Quality Custom- Made Eyeliner Packaging Boxes

At Digital Custom Boxes, we go above and beyond our ways to give you the ideal box for your product that will attract people to get your product. Moreover, we introduce innovative techniques for you to excel in your marketing strategy. You can have your brand logo endorsed on the Custom Eyeliner Box along with your product’s brief introduction. On top of that, you can choose to have your box made with open windows for a better showcasing.

Furthermore, our Stunning Eyeliner Boxes are well-known for their top-notch quality, eye catching and enticing colour patterns. However, if you already have a design made up in your mind, our team can make a customised box using the latest printing techniques such as offset and CMYK printing, with the colour patterns and dimensions of your choice as well. We provide you with the fastest turnaround time for your order.

Eyeshadow Boxes

Glamorous Eye Shadow Boxes

Eye shadow is a makeup accessory that concerns the eyes and eyes are the most vital part of a woman’s beauty. Eye Shadow Boxes are without any doubt a major essence of women’s beauty world. An eye shadow can enhance as well as ruin the whole look if not done the right way.

Eye Shadow custom boxes are of major significance because of the ever evolving makeup industry. A well-crafted box can give your product a great deal of recognition in the market. Our eye shadow boxes are nothing short on durability or style. We understand your needs and thus we come up with ways that satisfy the demands of your product.

Top Notch Customised Eye Shadow Boxes

Although the market is growing day by day and the market is filling up with competitors, we stand out from the rest because of our top notch quality and creative thinking. Similarly, our Stunning Eye Shadow Boxes come in every shape, color, design and printing.

A team of expert is always available for your guidance in case you need help with a customised design you have in mind. With proper planning and creative thinking, we can come up with a customised box that will attract people to buy your product.

In addition to this, our modern machinery is equipped with everything required to meet the expectations of our respected customers. Whether you need to emboss or deboss you product or want to add a transparent glossy paper to give a peek of the product to your customers, we have you covered. By using the advanced offset or CMYK full colour printing, we make your eyeshadow boxes stand out from the crowd. We offer the best printing and packaging deals for your esteemed product at reasonable rates.

Favor Boxes

Remarkably designed Custom Favor Boxes

If you are planning on giving a present to you family, friends or guest on any occasion, then make sure you present it well enough.That can only be possible if your packaging is good enough just like your present. Appearance matters the most, as it makes a great impact on the audience. So for that visit Digital Custom Boxes, as we are offering exclusive custom Favor box designs that can surely make a strong impression on your friends and be true representative of your feelings & expressions. When it comes to packaging we have unique and a broad spectrum of services to solve your problems regarding packaging requites.We offer modern printing methods like embossing, debossing and heat stamping that can create any kind of designs you wish for. In addition to that you can come up with your own designs or artwork prints and our professionals will help you throughout the designing phase to fulfill your desired custom favor package without any additional charges.

Reliable Services we offer at Digital Custom Boxes

Moreover, we offer the wholesale favor packaging in all kind of materials like soft paper, hard paper, plastic sheets etc. You can get all these services in the cheapest rates with the fastest turnaround time in the packaging industry. Because we always give our 100% to each order we receive on daily basis without discriminating between our customersand we also accept all kind of varying orders in quantity and designs. So do let us know if you want to surprise yours friends or family with some amazing and attractive favor box designs.

To order and further inquire about our products and services contact us at Digital Custom Boxes.

Fence Partitions

Sometimes the packaging requires an additional safety which can be sorted out through Fence partitions. These are very easy to assemble and required no effort. Can come up with any custom shape and size according to the product requirements.

Flip Out Open Dispenser Box

Enhance Your Product’s Reputation with our Custom Flip out Open Dispenser Boxes

To increase the reputation and enhance the sale of your product opt for our smooth and impeccably designed custom flip out open dispenser boxes. These boxes offer high durability and organizing features when it comes to keeping the packaging of small sized products. At Digital Custom Boxes, we manufacture wholesale flip out open dispenser boxes with high quality rigid materials with endless possibilities for modification to whatever style, print and finishing option you like.

These custom flip out open dispenser packaging is  an ideal companion for your compact sized product as it can be sufficiently placed on the billing counter or the shelves and its captivating designs will allure a great deal of customers. Not only will these boxes surge your product sales but they will increase your brand’s reputation as well. These boxes are comprised of a tuck top along with a friction lock and two reverse lock flaps sealing the bottom.

Get the Best Quality at the Best Price

At Digital Custom Boxes, our first and foremost priority is to make your experience with us comfortable and satisfactory that is why our user friendly team goes above and beyond its ways to help you select a box that proves to be a benchmark for your business. We make use of cardboard, eco-friendly Kraft, and bux board to produce these boxes. In case you want to add some product details along with brand’s logo on top of the box, our printing methods like PMS, CMYK, embossing, debossing, heat stamping, off set and foiling will do an excellent job there.

Flower Shaped Top Closure

Custom Flower-shaped Top Closure Box

They are an elegant and stylish packaging solution in the category of top closure boxes. Their fancy and decorative look is the perfect packaging option for gifts, toys and also for ornaments. Their extravagant look adds elegance to your product and gives it a stylish and trendy look.

You can use our custom flower shaped top closure boxes for guaranteed product promotion. Their decorative flower-shaped top lid is the main feature that enhances the product’s look. This feature also helps to increase more customers by capturing their attention in the market.

We can help you persuade customers to buy your products if you use our unique and trendy packaging. This will ultimately increase your revenue in the market.

Cost-Effective Customisable Flower Shaped Top Closure Packaging Solution

We offer the most cost-effective packaging solutions without compromising on the quality. We ensure that the preferences of our clients are met properly. We only use top quality corrugated cardboards, Kraft and paper box materials.

To maintain these to standards we utilize new printing techniques like CMYK, embossing, debossing, foiling, screen and digital printing, heat stamping to increase the beauty and stylishness of the packaging. We also offer die-cutting, scoring, perforating, creasing etc to help you customize the packaging.

You will get to have a chance of availing all these services in top quality, high standards and also in the most effective and quick turnaround time. We never let you dangle in the waiting process as we deliver on time in the best quality.

Folder Business Card

Keep Your Important Documents Organized & Safe with Custom Folder Business Cards

The struggle we go through if we misplace or lose an important business card, invoice or document especially before a meeting is problematic. Not to mention can often cost you an important business or financial deal. At Digital Custom Boxes, we offer the most elegant and sophisticatedly designed custom folder business cards where you can keep and store your essential business cards and reports safely as well as in an organized manner. So you don’t have to look for them every time you are in a meeting or whenever you need them. We offer wholesale folder business cards in numerous shapes, versatile colours and imaginative designs as per your requirements.

Make Your First Impression Grand

What some people don’t realize is that the first impression is everything. This is something that costs people customers as they don’t end up attracting them. We can design custom folder business cards for you in such a way that they will grab the attention of everyone that will see them. We make sure that our business cards are made from such material that they don’t break apart easily for instance cardboard, eco-friendly Kraft, E-flute and leather. Only high quality sturdy materials are used in their production, something which our previous clients can testify for you.

In order to make sure that your business is getting promoted in the right way, we will print your logo on the cards in such a way that they will outshine everything. For instance, you can choose from our embossing, off set, heat stamping, CMYK and debossing options to have them placed in the perfect way.

Folders Printing

If you aspire to present your valuable documents or your very best presentations in the most professional and creative style then Custom Designed Folders are your best option. Professionally printed pocket Folders are the best possible encasement to present and showcase the very best of what you have to offer. Custom designed full or partially colored Folders printed with quality designing and high tech printing allow you to present your objective or message in the most professional and efficient manner that you could possibly ask for. Folders give a sense of professionalism as well as aesthetic beauty to your documents.

Folding Boxes provides state of the art Folding Boxes to its valued clients on wholesale rates with exclusive and cost effective quality. Our Folding Boxes are manufactured using top notch technology and machinery and are known for their durability and compatibility. They can be used and reused number of times and can be recycled after usage as keeping a safe and healthy environment is our top priority. We provide free shipping and designing facility for all our top quality products.

Foot Lock Tray

Non glued trays, Easy to assemble with double side panels lock from the bottom. Mostly used for bakery items and can also work with garment products. Most innovative design in trays family.

Foundation Boxes

Eye-Catching Foundation Custom Boxes

When shopping for something, you are generally inclined to buy a product if its first impression is good. The first impression comes from how the product is packed or boxed. Thus the significance of packaging is huge. We can assist you in making your boxes look more compelling by implementing numerous innovative designs. For instance, adding silver or gold foiling lamination to them. Similarly, you can even choose from our stunning finishing options.

Moving on to the most wanted product, let’s talk about foundations. Foundation are delicate product used to increase the softness and fairness of your skin. Foundation Custom Boxes are quite a common accessory now a day in every cosmetic bag.

Personalised Foundation Boxes for delightful and secure packaging

Due to several types of foundations available in the market, their usage in every woman’s life is increasing day by day. Therefore, their packaging is of extreme importance for cosmetic business owners. Our Custom Foundation Boxes are made with special care to avoid any mishap that may results from ecological or human tampering.

On top of that, our Foundation packaging boxes can be designed and shaped exactly the way you want them to be. Our unique printing styles allow you to let your customers know about the product’s expiry date, quantity and other details on the boxes as well.

Our up-to-date technology in printing including offset and CMYK full colour printing and design gives you the privilege of selecting your desired colour, style, and dimensions for your product’s box. Our packaging boxes are sure to give your product a compelling and unique look. We have a box for every type of product so you can order with convenience. We also offer quickest turnaround time so you can start displaying your products as soon as possible.