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Gift Card Boxes

Gift Card Boxes are a unique and delightful way to convey your gift card to your dear and loved ones. These boxes are available in all custom shapes and sizes. They can be stylized and printed in absolute coordination to your thoughts and vision. These boxes also serve as a protective shield for your gift card against environmental and human damages.

Glass Carrier

Digital Custom Boxes provide the highest quality carrier boxes for your glass bottled products with open tops or even temporary covered ones, depending on the product requirements along with very sturdy bottom die cut carry spaces for the glass bottles in any required sizes. Our machine cut perfectly shaped, colored or printed boxes are delivered free all over the UK.

Gold Foil Boxes

The use of gold foil boxes is becoming the latest trend these days. Such high-end packaging increases the demand for your products. It’s the reason that a number of manufacturers have inclined towards its use. Custom gold foil boxes not only increase the value of your packaging rather it also adds to its grace and exquisiteness. The use of high-quality gold foil sheets is the reason behind the elegance of these boxes. Going for gold foil boxes packaging wholesale can help you stand out in the market competition. You can inspire customers by delivering valuable packaging to exceed their expectation.

Hair Extension Boxes

Premium Quality Hair Extension Boxes

With every passing day, new trends and fashion styles are increasing. Hair extension is a part of those ever changing fashion trends. This ocean of trends has set all major cosmetic companies on a race against each other to become the best cosmetic brand in the market. These manufacturing companies are going above and beyond their ways to illustrate their products in an attractive and unique way. Customised Hair extension boxes like any other product follow the same principle.

If you own a hair extension brand, we can assist you by giving you the best packaging in the market that will enhance your product’s reputation. We can give you a die cut window packaging box that will increase the temptations of your customers to take your product. Similarly with the help of our advanced printing methods you can off-set and heat stamp your brands logo on the box.

Compelling Wholesale Hair Extension Boxes

Our compelling hair extension packaging boxes, you can increase the recognition of your product. We have a wide range of options available for you to choose from for instance, window panes, gloss, mate lamination etc. Your box can be customised exactly the way you want it to be, any shape, any color scheme and all the details of your product printed on it through our cutting-edge printing techniques including offset and CMYK printing.

However, we prefer die cut window packaging because it allows the customer to see the colour and length of the hair extension they are vouching for. Our Custom Hair extension boxes are made by keeping in view every tiny detail such as length and type of the extensions in the quickest turnaround time.

Hairspray Boxes

Give Unique Look to Hair Spray with Custom Hair Spray Boxes

If you own a hair spray brand and you want it to be unique and compelling in every aspect from every other brand out there at the retail shelves you need to make its packaging the best in market. Our captivating hair spray boxes are ideal and perfect match for your product in every possible way.

We strive to give your product a unique classy look to ensure that your product stands out from every rival. We understand how important it is to make a good first impression of your products on the customers and that is only possible if your products packaging is of top notch quality. Thus our primary aim is to give your product a look so captivating that people feel compelled to get their hands on your product.

Affordable Customised Hair Spray Boxes

No matter what kind of box you need for your product we are always there to assist you. Our Custom Hair Spray Boxes come in all shapes, size and colour. Our determined and dedicated team of creative experts are always available at your assistance. We always strive to give your product an outlook that is ideal for your product and brand by using the latest printing techniques such as Offset and CMYK printing.

Moving on, if you already have a sketch of how your product’s box should look like, our team is still there to help you make that sketch a reality. Along with giving your product a mesmerizing look, our wholesale Hair spray packaging is available at a very reasonable price. Making sure that our customers get the perfect box for their product at the best price with no compromise on quality in the fastest turnaround time.

Half Circular Interlocking

The special Half Circular Interlocking boxes offer beautiful and fancy gift packaging with many different product types packaged inside with the most elegant attraction and satisfactory gift opening feel by Digital Custom Boxes. Packaging your prepared foods, electronics or technology items with the options of having these lined with foam or silk inserts and with some of the most attractive die-cut designs and well-finished printed patterns has never been more beautiful and attractive.

Handle Bag Shape Box

Get the perfect amalgamation of a bag and a box with the superior quality Handle Bag Shape Box from Digital Custom Boxes. Equipped with folded friction lock lids, these bag shaped boxes provide sufficient space for all your small to medium sized products from the technology, cosmetics, clothing, packaged foods or gift packaging industries. The easy grip handle die cut to perfect precise finish enables easy to carry around while not requiring a bag to put these in and you can have these customized in their printed designs or surface finishes. Avail our free printing, cutting, and shipping services on large bulk orders as well.

Handle Boxes

Handle boxes serve for numerous purposes. They can be used for gift packaging, candle packaging, food packaging and so on. The handle on top of these boxes makes them convenient and easy to handle. These boxes can be customized in all shapes and sizes as according to your requirement. High tech printing variations can also be applied to these boxes to make them more useful for the product inside as well as give them a fascinating and alluring outlook.

Hanger Product Holder

Hanger Product Holder


Staggering Custom Hanger Product Holders with Inventive Designs

Are you struggling to sell your products quickly? Is your competitor getting ahead of you? Then there must be something wrong with the packaging of your product. In today’s world, people tend to get attracted towards things that look appealing and creative to them. At Digital Custom Boxes, we offer custom hanger product holder packaging that is designed in such a way that it is eye catching and irresistible. This type of packaging can be hanged on the wall so that it can be placed on a prominent location to surge sales as well as for better marketing.

State of the Art Quality Materials & Enthralling Printing Methods

We understand that a product cannot do well in the market without a good quality packaging. This is why our team of experts make them by using high quality materials such as eco-friendly Kraft, cardboard, paper sheet, E-flute corrugated to make sure they are long lasting as well as of premium class. You can lose a lot of customers if they receive a damaged production. But our wholesale product holder boxes will keep your products safe inside them as they have strong build quality. Such type of boxes are perfect for multiple type of items such as electronics, cosmetic products, and much more. On top of that we use futuristic printing methods like CMYK, PMS, heat stamping, embossing and debossing to give your boxes a more striking outlook.

Our services are affordable and our rates are better than most of the packaging companies out there. We always keep the satisfaction of our clients in mind and avoid putting a dent in their pocket while manufacturing your personalized hanger product holder. When you order from us, you won’t have to worry about anything as we offer free shipping with fast turnaround time.


Header Card

Header Cards


Cost-Effective, Reliable and Stylish Custom Header Cards

In these competitive market, adopting cost-efficient and effective product selling strategies has become crucial for any business’ survival. When it comes to the packaging of your product, custom header cards are the best way to save huge amount of money. At Digital Custom Boxes, we offer the most convenient, reliable and elegantly designed wholesale header cards. A clear plastic bag to contain your product in and a header card made of strong cardstock at top along with gloss or matte lamination.

The use of wholesale header card packaging is not limited to household, they can be effectively utilized for any commercial purposes as well. Especially when you want to display your product in an obvious manner. Header cards are an ideal companion for products like candies, food items, chocolates, jewelry, toys and gifts. Another ample feature that distinguishes them from the rest is that they consume lesser space during delivery process as well as keep your encased product safe from any dirt, dust and other environmental harms.

Customisable Header Card with Fastest Turnaround Time

We use finest quality of printing methods like embossing, debossing, heat stamping, off-set, CMYK and foiling to manufacture your ideal header cards. While we have diverse range of unique and innovative colour styles, patterns and textures for you to choose from, we all give you the privilege to come up with your own style, pattern and texture if you want to, our expert team will still be there to assist you. Moving on, by utilizing our enthralling finishing options such as gloss and matte lamination, AQ and QV gloss, and Spot UV, you can add a touch of perfection to your header cards. Lastly we hold a record of best delivery time so you won’t have to wait on us.

Header Card Bag Topper

Header Card Bag Topper


Enticing & Compelling Custom Header Card Bag Topper

If you’re looking for the kind of packaging that can help you pack products in plastic bags, then our custom header card bag topper packaging is the perfect solution for you. This type of packaging is perfect for those times when you want to showcase your product from inside the packaging. The best part about these wholesale header card bag topper packaging is that they are easily accessible and cost effective.

We make sure that the material being used for the production purpose of theseheader card bag topper is of highest quality possible such as cardboard, eco-friendly Kraft, bux board and E-flute corrugated. This way, the packaging will be safe from wear and tear and your product will stay safe inside them. In addition to this, to further promote the name of your company, you can print your logo on the header card using our inventive printing methods such as embossing and debossing in an exclusive and creative manner. Similarly, you can also get your company’s tagline printed alongside it in radiant and real to life colours.

Reliable Services at Affordable Rates

We understand that you might get confused during the designing stage, which is why our team of experts will assist you at every stage. You will have complete freedom of customizing each and everything about your personal header card bag topper boxes. On top of that, since our rates are better than every other packaging company in the rest of market, you won’t have to worry about your bank account getting empty while working with us.


Exclusively structured Custom Hexagon Boxes

Of all the modern and innovative packaging options available in the packaging world, custom hexagon boxes stand out to be the most unique and alluring ones. At Digital Custom Boxes, we manufacture distinctive shape wholesale hexagon boxes that are not only ideal to use for numerous products but also make their outlook more compelling. You can use these boxes for cosmetics, cookies, gifts and other commercial products as well. Our sensational designs and hard work ensure that once your product is placed on the retail shelves inside our packaging, customers will not choose any other product.

All the six dimensions of wholesale hexagon packaging are the same but you can choose to have them altered if you desire. Furthermore, after you are done using it for the day you can fold it flat and put it away and save yourself some storage space. We produce these boxes in every shape, colour, design and size.

Enticing Finishing Options & Durable Material

Our first and foremost priority has been to deliver our customers’ the best quality boxes and that too in quick turnaround time. That is why we only use Kraft, cardboard and corrugated stock for the production of these boxes. To take thing to next level, you can choose to have an easy top closure with tuck flap design on the boxes. Similarly, we use CMYK, heat stamping, embossing, debossing, and off-set printing techniques to engraved your desired logo, colour or image on the box contributing to your marketing strategy.

Hexagon 2 PC

Hexagon 2 PC Boxes


Make your Presentation Magical with Custom Hexagon 2 PC Boxes

Irrespective of how great your product is, if you lack at proper way of presenting it. Your chances of making your product successful are quite weak. But worry no at Digital Custom Boxes, we have a solution for your every packaging need. Our custom hexagon 2 piece boxes are the best boxes to make your presentation grand and magical. You can not only utilize these boxes for product presentation purpose but for gift purposes as well. Their magnificent design can put a smile on anyone’s face. We pay thorough attention to every detail of these wholesale hexagon 2 piece boxes to make them so extravagant that customers feel compelled to get their hands on your product.

Furthermore, you can have your very own personalized hexagon 2 piece box in any shape, colour, size and styles whatsoever. You don’t necessarily have to choose from our range of designs, you can come up with your own too and our experts will still help you.

Durable, Reliable, Premium Quality & Friendly Services

We only deal in premium quality boxes, we don’t trick our customers into buying a cheap knock off. That is why we only use corrugated cardboard, bux board, eco-friendly Kraft and E-flute to manufacture these boxes. Similarly, our printing methods like CMYK and PMS can help you add essential information about the product on the box for better marketing. To top it all off, our finishing options like gloss/matte lamination, spot UV, embossing and foiling further entice up the outlook of your boxes. So what’s the delay, visit our website and get a quote.

Ice Cream Cone Holder

Ice Cream Cone Holder boxes are some of the most functional options for the ice cream retailers. You can use these Custom Packaging boxes from Digital Custom Boxes to provide your customers with very easy and portable packaging solutions using which they can carry around many of the fresh sweet treats. Our boxes are also perfect for retail store selling where packaged ice cream is stored in freezers, and the materials we use are freezer humidity proof.

Invitation Boxes

Everyone loves to make their events and parties more and more memorable and inspiring for their dear and loved ones. For this purpose everything associated with the event is attempted to be achieved in a unique and unorthodox manner. The invitation to a party or an event is a memorable item to be kept as a remembrance of your life’s beautiful moments. Invitation Boxes are rapidly spreading up their popularity among the masses. They have almost become an alternative to envelopes now a day. These boxes are highly customizable to make your dear and loved ones feel more special and preferred when they receive them. They are available in all shapes and sizes with unlimited printing and stylizing options.

Kraft Boxes

Vivacious and Biodegradable Wholesale Kraft Boxes

Packaging is one of the most important aspect of any product. How a product looks matters a lot. Boxes are made with several types of material but Kraft stands out to be the most preferred kind of material for packaging because of its biodegradable property. Kraft Boxes are also desired because of their immense flexibility, strong durability and sturdiness.

Initially Kraft boxes used to come only in brown color but thanks to modern advancements, Kraft boxes can now be designed in any vivacious color. At Digital Custom Boxes, we provide you with well-crafted custom Kraft Boxes not only in every color your desire but in every shape and size as well.

Our latest offset and CMYK printing methods bleach out the brown color entirely and give them a look so enticing that your customer are left in a sense of awe. The abilities of Kraft boxes to resist moisture and other atmospheric changes are another aspect that makes them stand out from the rest of materials.


Versatile Customised Kraft Boxes

The increases demand of wholesale Kraft boxes is because they are incredibly versatile in nature. They can be recycled once they have met their purpose. Jewelry, cosmetic, soap, biscuits and almost anything can be beautifully presented in a skillfully made custom Kraft Packaging.

On top of that, our expert team can help you choose a color scheme and shape that syncs with your product. However, if you already have a design, shape and color in mind, we are still here to assist you in making that idea reality. By using the embossing, debossing, foil printing, heat stamping and other techniques, we can give your boxes a striking look.